Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season will have part III

The readers of the Shingeki no Kyojin manga had been warning that this story could not be closed in the 16 chapters that MAPPA, the animation studio, had confirmed, and since the second episode of this part they began to speculate about whether there would be a third part or a movie. The pace at which the story progressed would make a movie too long (or of a normal length but the plot cut very short) and a third part would perhaps be too short, but to close these debates we had to wait for the last installment to end in Japan. for the studio to announce via Twitter how it would continue.

What left us visually

Since MAPPA grabbed the hot iron of The Final Season, criticism has been constant. And while it is true that the quality is poor at times, this has a very simple explanation: labor exploitation. Animators race against the clock to meet episode deliveries and due to time constraints they necessarily have to sacrifice attention to detail. Still, they left us with incredible visuals, detailed bodies, and an epic narrative of pivotal moments.

The cards on the table

Alert: spoilers season 3 part II

As for the plot, after deceiving his brother Zeke, who planned a mass castration of Ymir’s descendants so that the titan power would be extinguished, Eren activated the rumble and intends to crush every inhabitant of the world outside the Island. The world collapses from the danger of thousands of 50 meter titans closing in with nowhere to run. On the island, the Jaegerist ideology reigns: Eren is going to free Eldia from all dangers, he will restore the empire and thus freedom. Anyone who opposes this plan will be considered a traitor and will deserve to die, but there is a group of people who dare to defy that rule, and it is nothing more and nothing less than the people who know Eren best, but who now do not have no choice but to see him as an enemy. This alliance between eldians from outside and inside the walls, which brings together members of the leadership of the Reconnaissance Legion, aims to stop who was his friend, his brother, the love of his life, the brat they raised, his rival, his comrade. Plagued with contradictions but now without hesitating in action because humanity is above all things. It is a crossroads that seems to have no way out, but we will have to wait until 2023 to see what happens.