Shingeki No Kyojin: this is the real reason why Bertholdt was chosen as the Colossal Titan

Bertholdt was the best candidate to be the Colossal Titan.

Bertholdt Hoover is one of Shingeki no Kyojin’s beloved characters, but he has reason to be. He has gone through some transitions within the series, from being considered a trusted member of the Survey Corps to the complete opposite, a treacherous villain, and later a sympathetic and tragic soul.

Although some of the audience now know that Bertholdt was chosen to be part of Marley’s unit of Eldian warriors, it still seems strange that he was the one who acquired the Colossal Titan. For its part, Bertholdt has been shown to be intelligent and highly skilled in combat, but has been described as weak-willed by his peers.. These don’t seem like the kind of traits a military group would consider in a person, especially one who has been chosen to wield one of the most powerful Titans in the world. But it is probably precisely these traits that made Bertholdt the ideal candidate to take on the responsibility.

Berthold’s character

From the beginning of the series, fans are shown Bertholdt’s passive nature. In episode 4, “The Night of the Graduation Ceremony-Mankind Rises Again”, Commander Shadis mentions that he “has great potential, but he lacks initiative”. Bertholdt is usually very quiet and rarely says what he thinks, and instead of taking the initiative, he follows popular opinion.

Although Bertholdt’s introverted demeanor might have initially convinced fans of the series that he was one of the most trusted members of the 104th Cadet Corps, his resolve has been called into question a few times. Shortly after Eren and the Scout Regiment discover that he and Reiner are the Colossal Titan, Bertholdt reveals that he has had far more conflict over his covert mission than he had let on to his teammates or himself.

In episode 36, “Charge”, after being comforted and insulted by his former teammates, Bertholdt breaks down under the pressure and admits that he meant no harm., neither by lying to his friends nor by breaking down Maria’s Wall and killing thousands of its citizens. In this moment of fragility, it becomes clear that Bertholdt, although outwardly calm, was actually in a mental battle with himself due to the terrible acts he committed.

Later, fans acknowledge that Bertholdt leaned on Reiner during his trip to Paradis Island and used his partner as a prop for his emotional insecurity. In episode 52, “Descent”, Reiner directly refers to this by stating that Bertholdt should “try to think on his own for once […] You don’t always have to wait for my signal. You are supposed to have the greatest ability of all, and yet you leave it to others when it matters.”

Although Reiner later comments that his partner’s strength has improved, these remarks seem somewhat dismissive of Bertholdt’s character. However, Bertholdt simply agrees with Reiner and acknowledges that he has been and still is weak.. This is immediately reinforced when we see him again, as he hides and waits for Reiner to get the upper hand, leaving him open to a surprise attack.


The reasons behind the choice of Bertholdt as Colossal Titan

Considering all these incidents and the obvious warning signs that Commander Magath and the Marleyan military were aware of, it seems curious that Bertholdt, out of all the possible candidates of the Eldian Unit, would be selected as heir to the Colossal Titan. However, Bertholdt’s restraint and desire to receive confirmation for his actions are exactly why he’s the perfect fit for this Titan.

The Colossal Titan’s abilities are probably the most powerful of all. It has an incredible height of more than 60 meters, it has the ability to emit enormous amounts of steam (which can burn and repel its enemies) and, most impressive of all, it can generate such an enormous amount of heat and energy that it can create an explosion big enough to destroy huge constructions.

Granting this kind of power to any kind of person would undoubtedly be an ill-timed decision for the Marley government. If the heir to the Colossal Titan were to turn treacherous and turn against the military he is supposed to serve, much of his army or the cities where the citizens and officials reside could be in great danger.

The combination of Bertholdt’s meek nature, intellect, and combat capabilities allowed him to be the right person for the job.. In the end, he was proficient enough on the battlefield to be able to defend himself, but timid to the point where he could be easily controlled by his ranking officers. In Marley’s eyes, these factors reduced the likelihood that he would use the Colossal Titan and gave them the confidence to allow Bertholdt to be sent to Paradis knowing that he would be too afraid to go against Marley’s objectives. he.

Bertholdt is an incredible character, both for his abilities and for his story. In retrospect, with the release of the fourth season, his story has become even more tragic. Bertholdt, like the other warrior candidates, was forced into a terrible position from a young age, coerced, and met a rather unpleasant end. As the end of Shingeki no Kyojin draws near, fans of the series will be able to find out even more about his past and learn the motives behind his ending.

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