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In episode 78 of Shingeki no Kyojin we saw the continuation of the war between the rebellion of Eren Jaeger and the allied forces, each side is giving its all until the end, as the anti-hero of the saga demonstrated. In the last minutes of the chapter we saw how he arrived at a place known as The ways invisible, but what is it?

First, we need a bit of prior context: The plan of Euthanasia devised by Zeke Jaeger To render the Eldian race infertile, he needed They were to be carried out. He wanted to use his royal blood and the Founding Titan of his brother to be able to contact Ymir Fritz via The Invisible Paths, a kind of connection that unites all the Eldian people, and thus change the genetics of their people.

Finally, in episode 78 of Shingeki no Kyojin Both brothers achieve their goal and reach the coordinates, the point at which all intersect The Invisible Paths. In that place they find Ymir Fritz, who can grant them the power to carry out their plan.

what are the invisible paths shingeki no kyojin

According to the legend seen in chapter 88 of the manga, these invisible paths allow to connect with some ancestors of the family of each Eldian. Thanks to them, Mikasa Ackerman can acquire combat skills when his hidden power awoke or Uri Reiss inherits the king’s pledge to renounce war Fritz.

In that same chapter 88 of the manga of Shingeki no Kyojin, we see that also The Invisible Paths can be used differently by holders of the Attack Titan. Eren Kruger can see the future, the present and the past of his relatives, because he manages to see memories related to Armin Arlert Y Mikasa Ackermanwho were not yet born.

What are Invisible Paths and Coordinates?

On the other hand, The coordinates are the point at which The Invisible Paths of the Eldian race interbreed with each other. The only being able to modify this intersection is the Founding Titan, from changes in memories to changes in the genetic makeup of all the people of Ymir.

According Tom Xaver, former owner of Beast Titan, each eldian that exists is only a small portion of the body of the original titan and that is why these invisible paths are created.

shingeki no kyojin zeke what are the invisible paths
Zeke activated his titan power to prevent the fall of Jaeggerism | Source: MAPPA

Chapter 78 of the anime Shingeki no Kyojin is not the only point where we see how it is used. For example when Zeke Jaeger supplies his spinal fluid to other Eldians, they connect to his power of the Beast Titan via The Invisible Paths and are marked with a Coordinate with which he can control them (though not to the level of Ymir).

The reason why Zeke was able to access this unique ability from Ymir Fritz it is his royal blood. This is also necessary to be able to use all the abilities of the Founding Titan.

Where did they get to in Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 78?

It is known as mysterious land to the desert place where Zeke y Eren Jaeger they came through The Invisible Paths. Here they were able to connect with the original titan to make a wish that only she could fulfill.

In fact, this place has appeared on other occasions in the franchise: When Ymir (the classmate of Reiner) devoured Marcel Galliard and got his Jaw Titan. Even his own Zeke he knew about this place when a titan inserted it into his womb to speed up his healing process.

shingeki no kyojin 78 what are the invisible paths
Zeke and Eren Jaeger in the Invisible Paths Coordinate | Source: MAPPA

The time in the mysterious land from The Invisible Paths it seems to have a different rhythm than the physical world. For this reason, the talk that the brothers have Jaeger with Ymir Fritz in Shingeki no Kyojin can be so long. This will be key in the next episode and will change the fate of the world.

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