“Shingeki no Kyojin”: What Happened to Connie’s Plan in the Season 4 Finale

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. What happened to Connie’s plan in “Attack on Titan”? Chapter 83 of the anime of “” had several tense moments, of a difficult resolution. But the main cliffhanger was Connie Springer’s plan to take Falco to Ragako, her town that was destroyed with the invasion of Wall Rose and where her mother, Mrs. Springer, turned into a titan. As seen in previous “Attack on Titan” installments, which can be the soldier’s intention was to sacrifice the child who inherited the Jaw Titan.

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The of the creation of Hajime Isayama is marked by earth rumblewhich was activated by Eren Jaeger after he convinced Ymirin the Coordinates, that he followed his plan and not that of zekehis half brother.

The latter had tried to convince the protagonist that a plan of euthanasia for the offspring of Eldians It was the best way to end the war and the “curse” that persecuted this town.

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While Erenat its other end, through the power of the Founding Titanannounced the annihilation of all the rest of the world with the giant titans of the also called Noise. All the homelands would fall outside the territory of the paradise island.

Before the Rumble, Zeke screamed and turned the people who had come in contact with the tainted wine from his spinal cord. Falco was one of them and became a titan. Then he devoured pigthe user of Jaw Titanand fell unconscious into the hands of Connie, who took him to her town to carry out her dark plan.

Armin during the chase for Connie. (Photo: MAPPA Studio)


At “Shingeki no Kyojin” chapter 83Connie cheats and arrives at the town of Ragakowhere his family lived, along with little Falco, a child of Marley who was unaware that he had the power of the Jaw Titan. The soldier takes him to his house, where his mother is hidden, the mrs springera titan lying on his back who can only move his eyes and mouth.

Doubt was always present in Connie, for the dilemma of sacrificing a child to hug and listen to his mother again. That conflict, however, was not enough for her, with a ladder, to tell him to help him brush his teeth. titan. His clear intention was to throw it into his mother’s mouth.

However, he did not get his plan to come true because armin and gabi appeared at the right moment and alerted Falco that Conny he just wanted to use it to make his mother human again. The member of the Legion he takes the boy hostage and threatens them, when Armin decides to sacrifice himself in exchange: he goes up the stairs and jumps into the mouth of the titan, who closes her jaw to bite him, but Connie saves Armin at the last second.

In this way, Connie remembers that her mother I had told him that be a good soldier make them proud. And that murdering a child, despite his intentions, did not fit the wishes of his mother. The macabre plan did not materialize and the four returned to the barracks to make work another plan to avoid the destruction of the World.

Falco and Connie in front of Falco's mother.  (Photo: MAPPA Studio)
Falco and Connie in front of Falco’s mother. (Photo: MAPPA Studio)


The Great Threat of King Karl Fritz

The first news about the Rumble of the Earth in “Shingeki no Kyojin” It was when it was discovered that Karl Fritzthe first king of Eldia he had hidden, within the walls, a large number of titans who would come out to destroy everything if the rest of the world dared to invade Paradise.

Said power, in this way, became the great threat and weapon of mass destruction that Fritz found to isolate himself from the world and thus live in a peace that lasted 100 years. This was known by the members of the sect that worshiped the walls and who knew the secret of the memory manipulation that the king did with his citizens.

The Eldians in Ymir's memory.  (Photo: MAPPA Studio)
The Eldians in Ymir’s memory. (Photo: MAPPA Studio)

The connection between Eren and Zeke

With this information, Eren knew that the only way to activate the earth rumble it was coming into contact with a titan wielder who had royal blood. Historia was an option to shape the Rumble, but Eren desisted from this plan and therefore allied himself with his half brother zekewho also had the blood of the Fritz.

Therefore, the brothers planned to meet at the Coordinate or the Roadswhere the slave or goddess lies Ymir, the founder of the titans. This, however, was to be achieved by touching, which was done despite Gaby Braun It will blow Eren’s head off: Zeke manages to hold her and thus have the connection.

Eren and Zeke making the connection.  (Photo: MAPPA Studio)
Eren and Zeke making the connection. (Photo: MAPPA Studio)

Eren’s message

So with the rumble activated, Eren communicates with all the descendants of Ymir’s people and announces his plan: finish off everyone outside the walls of Paradis. If Zeke was seeking to eliminate the offspring of the Eldians, now Eren announces the destruction of the othersplacing himself on the other side of the coin that war has left on humanity.

Eren Jaeger not only makes a statement, but also reports on the possibilities of the Rumble: King Karl Fritz wasn’t exaggerating when he threatened to destroy everything in the world by unleashing the titans from the walls.

The Rumble of the Earth in "Shingeki no Kyojin".  (Photo: MAPPA Studio)
The Rumble of the Earth in “Shingeki no Kyojin”. (Photo: MAPPA Studio)


On the other hand, in the “Shingeki no Kyojin” episode 79it was seen how Eren Jaeger demonstrated to zeke that he had the power to see the future, an ability that he kept hidden during the story, although he had already given some signs throughout the four seasons.

In the most recent chapter, titled as “memories of the future”, the brothers look at the memories of Grishahis father, showing some emotional moments from the childhoods of Zeke and Eren. However, the big surprise came when Eren intervened in her father’s memory with the Reiss family. In reality, seeing that he couldn’t kill royalty, she intervened to force him to do so and thus gain the power of the Founding Titan.

In this way, the followers of “Attack on Titan“They discovered that eren has the power to see the memories not only of his ancestors but also of future heirs, all to carry out his plan that is not yet fully known (for those who have not read the manga) and that has started with his father and Zeke: Eren manipulated him to get to the Coordinate.

In addition, one of the key points that had already given a way of understanding that the future could also be seen by the Titan Founder was when Eren Kruger tells Grisha that he must fulfill his mission to save Mikasa and Arminas well as everyone. Both did not know who they were, but the suspicion remained until chapter 79 ended up clarifying this scene.

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The fourth season of “Shingeki no Kyojin” will be released in 2020 as the end of the fight between Eren and the Survey Corps.