Shingeki No Kyojin: Why Do Pure Titans Lose Their Consciousness?

The gift of free will granted by Ymir could be part of Eren’s plan.

After Mikasa Ackerman will first visualize the Attack Titan Eren Jaeger during the epic Battle of TrostIt was clear that this was a special moment. When the Shingeki no Kyojin audience discovered the existence of other Eldians who could transform into Titans, the reality of what had actually happened in this conflict was brought to the forefront of the series.

But although there are many differences between these Changeling Titans and the so-called “Pure Titans” that threaten humanityThe most obvious is his ability to control his own actions. Although at first this seems like a rarity in the hierarchy of Titans, the distinction of these could be the key to the destruction or salvation of the entire world.

What does this explanation mean about the Titans?

Most of the Titans we’ve seen in Shingeki No Kyojin are known as “Pure Titans”. Even though the process by which the eldians become Pure Titans is certainly a secret, it seems that the material from the spine of a previous Titan is required, either by consumption or by injection. Once transformed into these outrageous monstrosities, the individual loses all sense of humanity and becomes a mindless creature whose mission is to devour people. There were a few exceptions, such as Connie’s mother, who retained rudimentary language after the transformation, but even these seem to lack a true sense of action.

Conversely, the Changelings, known as the Nine Titans, are Eldians with the ability to shift between their human and titanic forms.. Each of the Nine has an ability that sets them apart from the others, but each possesses the ability to form complex thought and retain their own identity. Although new bearers of one of the Nine may initially have destructive tendencies, it is a temporary state brought on by unfamiliarity with his new powers.

But It is still unclear why only the Nine Titans retain their cognitive abilities while the Pure Titans are forced to lose all sense of humanity.. Perhaps the most accurate answer is that this lack of free will is what allows the Founding Titan, when combined with royal blood, to control them. In fact, there was a small demonstration of this power when Eren came into contact with the Pure Titan of Dina Fritz, the first wife of his father, who was herself a descendant of the royal family.

Eren could have a lot to do with the control of the Titans

At that moment, Eren commanded the other Pure Titans in the area so that they not only destroyed Dina’s TitanInstead, they will fight the Armored Titan, one of the Nine in the hands of the Marleyan warrior Reiner Braun. So far, although Reiner was held by the Pure Titans under Eren’s command, he was not influenced by Eren’s order. This means that the Nine have a kind of resistance or immunity to the domination of the Founding Titan. However, this brief glimpse of the Founder Titan’s abilities is nothing compared to his latest use: the Rumble.


In the most recent chapters of Shingeki No Kyojin, Eren tricked his stepbrother Zeke Jaeger in order to gain access to the Founding Titan’s abilities. one more time. This time she didn’t use it to settle a single fight, but to unleash all the Colossus Titans inside the Walls and set the Rumbling in motion, a perfect plan to destroy the rest of the world. But apart from those imprisoned in the Walls, Eren left the other Pure Titans to cause chaos and terror on Paradis Island. Also, after the Rumble, Eren’s army did not contemplate the remaining members of the Nine Titans.

Although the Founding Titan is able to control the Pure Titans, possibly Eren purposely ignored them to distract the Shifters, whom he couldn’t control. This is verified after the Titan Chariot, possessed by the Marleyan warrior Pieck Finger -who we suspect is Eren’s enemy- could work in the middle of the Rumbling. However, while the potential immunity of the Nine Titans is a flaw in Eren’s plan, it could turn out to be intentional.


While there were many issues leading up to the Rumble, Shingeki No Kyojin revealed the origin of the Titans, related to the founder Ymir. 2,000 years earlier, Ymir was a young girl enslaved by the ancient Eldian king Fritz. Even after possessing the ability of the Titans, she was subject to the will of Fritz, who subsequently used her to conquer various civilizations. On her deathbed, Fritz ordered the daughters he fathered with Ymir to cannibalize her, resulting in the Titans’ abilities being passed down to form the current state of the Eldian people.

Although Eren used Ymir’s desire to break free to start the Rumour, this is something that Ymir herself explained. Although she created the Pure Titans without free will to be commanded by the Founding Titan, she may also be the one to ensure the independence of the Nine Titans.. As keeper of the paths that connect all Eldians, Ymir exists outside of linear time, and most likely she has the ability to see the future much like the Attack Titan.

Although he is part of Eren’s plan now, he may have foreseen these events long ago and created an emergency plan for the Rumbling’s apocalyptic situation. Thanks to Ymir’s gift of free will, it may now be up to the rest of the Nine to stop Eren.. The fate of the entire world of Shingeki No Kyojin hangs on this decision.

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