Shingeki no Kyojin will have a special event in November for its final season

the fever for yesHingeki no Kyojin It’s not over yet so the franchise has announced that it will hold a special event for its most recent seasonin addition to the fact that the anime is at its critical point and it is expected that the last batch of chapters of the manga can be animated in order to have an outcome.

Through the multimedia equipment of Shingeki no Kyojinit was announced that the next November 13 will be the event to provide more information about the launch of the Blu-ray/DVD it’s from the seasonwhich will be released on July 20, but that’s not all, since those who buy the first physical package will receive a preferential pass to get tickets for the first part of the event.

As well as a special 68-page booklet with staff interviews and storyboards, plus a dust jacket illustration drawn by the character designer, Tomohiro Kishi himself.

Source: Shingeki no Kyojin

Also during the event there will be a symphonic concert starring Kohta Yamamoto along with the two interpreters of closing themes of the anime, Yūko Ando and Ai Higuchi.

On the other hand, the second part of the special event of Shingeki no Kyojin will consist of a panel where the voice actors of anime characters will be, including Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa and Marina Inoueand others, so they could release new information about the new season announced.

Without a doubt, fans of Hajime Isayama’s story would be more than satisfied with more news about the fifth season and knowing if they will animate the last chapters, since a fourth was not enough to tell the rest of the events that some may have already read in the manga.

Excited for news about the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin?


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