Shingeki No Kyojin’s characters were inspired by Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad

Gabi and Falco were inspired by two great American series.

shingeki no kyojin has achieved transcend in time and position itself as one of the best works that have ever existed, since the great plot that surrounds this series and the different mysteries that were presented during its development were vital for it to obtain great receptivity and attention from fans.

Likewise, the personal story that surrounds each character gives it a touch even more interestingbecause every detail seen in the series has been inspired by any other event or event, providing a better context for their development.

On the other hand, recently in his time at the annual Anime NYC convention, Isayama has revealed where he came from inspired to create two of his characters most relevant in the final arc of this work. Next, we tell you the details.

Isayama was inspired by these two well-known series to bring Falco and Gabi to life.

Isayama was inspired by two characters from great series to create Gabi and Falco

Isayama was inspired by two characters from great series to create Gabi and Falco

The month of November has been moved for Shingeki No Kyojin and it is that its creator Hajime Isayama, has participated in the annual Anime NYC convention, in which he addressed many things about the series and its controversial ending.

Likewise, Isayama took advantage of this convention to reveal your future and the plans you have for him, since many of those present asked him about the projects I had in mind.

It is known that Isayama filed a great variety of characters in this work that with the development of the series became icons of it, since they gained great relevance in it and at the same time became very loved by fans from the series.

During this convention, Isayama had a space in which the fans asked the mangaka a series of questions, regarding the creation of the work, since Isayama on previous occasions gave some clues from where he got his inspiration to develop this series.

It should be noted that Isayama confessed to fans that his Favorite arc was Marley’sbecause in this he had the opportunity to introduce two characters that would gain great relevance as the series progresses, which were Gabi Braun and Falco Grice. Likewise, this author took advantage of this moment to reveal that he was inspired by Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad to create these two Eldians.

Isayama stated that he took as a reference to Arya Stark from Game of Thrones to give life to Gabi Braun, because she wanted to replicate in her the great willpower and the great abilities of this warrior in her character.

In the case of Falco Grice, Isayama took as a reference to Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Badreplicating the struggle that he has with his insecurities and his dream of being recognized by everyone.

Hajime Isayama has repeatedly stated that his work was influenced by Hollywood movies and seriesbecause I take references from many of them to develop their story.

It is known that in this industry many authors tend to be inspired by other works to give life to their characters or the development of their own story, since these serve as starting point to outline an idea of the approach they want to give to their projects.

Gabi and Falco, the Marleyans who managed to redeem themselves

Gabi and Falco managed to redeem themselves and see things from another perspective by living with the inhabitants of Paradise

Gabi and Falco managed to redeem themselves and see things from another perspective by living with the inhabitants of Paradise

The invasion of Paradise Island to Marley was a eren’s big step to give way to his darkest plans, because things were turning in his favor and everything was going as expected.

During this siege it was observed that both Gabi and Falco were captured by the warriors of Paradise Island, since Gabi made the big mistake of end Sasha’s life while they escaped in the air balloon.

During their stay on Paradise Island, these two Marleyans they shared with many inhabitants of this placerealizing that they were not as the nation of Marley named them, because they referred to them as demons, which was not the case.

This coexistence helped Falco and Gabi to redeem themselves, especially Gabi, since she realized that they weren’t so different from them, since both nations had been carrying years of conflicts, which in reality were alien to these young Marleyans who ended up involved in all this catastrophe. This helped Gabi Braun to redeem himself for murdering Sasha.

However, during the final arc both characters had a great development, since they had a very different perspective about the events that had been happening for centuries, so they decided join forces with the soldiers of Paradise Island to stop Eren Jaeger and restore peace and stability to the world.