Silex and the City, the game available on October 12, 2022

A smart, funny, screenless, board game you can’t miss. It is the Silex and the City series which reveals its cards under the leadership of course of its dad the excellent Jul with Fabien Riffaud and Juan Rodriguez. Classic, a welcome return to basics for 2 to 4 players from 8 years old and for a family audience who likes to share their intelligent pleasures with humor to boot.

For the form we recall that with Silex we are in 40,000 BC The whole planet seems to obey the laws of natural selection. All? No: a valley still and always resists evolution. She is not Gallic, do not confuse. It is proven, evolution leads humanity to its loss. Some enlightened prehistoric minds were already aware of this. We have to help the Dotcom family to have no idea! Our future is at stake! Make the best use of your cards so as not to invent anything!

Comic book series adapted into a TV series and a feature film, Silex and the City is a vitriolic parody of our “advanced” society. This prehistoric family saga now has its official game, and for the good of humanity, you must above all not invent anything. Contents of the game 43 cards, 1 Werther pawn, 16 Ideas tokens, 8 Dark Ideas tokens, Rules of the game. Price: €14.50.

Silex and the City

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Silex and the City, The Game!, €14.50

Silex and the City