Spy x Family gets a retro makeover

The Japanese Animation Industry Phenomenon Spy x Family keep talking about him. After a flying start, the adaptation of Tatsuya Endo’s work continues to gain in popularity. And surfing on this trend, fans do not hesitate to claim their love for the anime. The independent artist @hanavbra notably published on his Twitter account his revisited version of the most popular family of counterfeiters of the moment.

Credits: WIT & CloverWorks

The result is simply splendid and we invite you to discover it.

Back to the 90s

In just 2 months, the Forger family has become very popular with anime fans and it continues to grow. We can say without a shadow of a doubt that Tatsuya Endo’s manga has been a hit since its anime adaptation. Loid, Yor and Anya are now no longer going unnoticed and are even attracting the attention of fast-fashion like Uniqlo.

Said brand announced a few days ago that it will release a special collection dedicated to the world of Spy x Family from June 3rd. In addition, the franchise has already been entitled to a fanbook containing illustrations of big names in the Japanese industry. We can cite names like Hajime Isayama from Attack on Titan, Kazue Kato from Blue Exorcist, Yusuke Nomura from Blue Lock or even Yukinobu Tatsu from Dandadan.

All these names make us dream, however, the one that is highlighted is the independent artist @hanavbra who has graced us with superb illustrations in the 90s style. Discover below, four illustrations on the Forger family from Spy x Family created by this artist.

A style filled with nostalgia

As you can see in the image, @hanavbra has highlighted the style of 90s anime. The drawing style for his illustrations is surely reminiscent of anime like Sailor Moon, Slayers or to some extent Ranma Β½.

The particular aesthetic of retro anime is perfectly respected with very intense colors and characters with eyes full of stars. If you have already followed the first episodes of the Spy x Family anime, the scenes that appear in these illustrations are not unknown to you. Note that the artist is not at his first attempt and has many other achievements to his credit.

This is especially the case if you take a look at his account instagram. You will discover characters from other anime who also had a makeover session. His work is clearly worth seeing.

Tatsuya Endo’s manga

Sold over 18 million copies worldwide, Spy x Family is one of the most popular manga of the moment. With Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, or even Tokyo Revengers, these franchises have been panicking the counters for a few years. The enthusiasm around these works is strong enough to give cold sweats to the oldest franchises like One Piece.

Released in Japan in 2019, Spy x Family quickly made a name for itself in the manga industry with publisher Shueisha. In view of its performance, it will have been necessary to wait only for the year 2022 to see it finally adapted. To bring Tatsuya Endo’s manga to life, the choice fell on CloverWorks and Wit Studio.

Spy x Family follows a spy named Loid Forger who, in order to carry out an undercover mission, invents a family. However, he is far from suspecting that Anya, his adopted daughter is a telepath and that Yor, his wife is a hired killer. How will the cohabitation between these three people with extraordinary lives go?

What did you think of @hanavbra’s 80s-style illustrations? Are you already following the Spy x Family anime? If so what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Source : CBR