The 100 Thieves X Attack On Titan Collection Is Coming

The attack of the Titans took over the internet when season four returned last year, and its big comeback is set to explode. The anime’s final season is set to end this month, so all eyes are on Eren and the gang as war creeps its way into their lives. Of course, all that attention has fans clamoring for merch, and it turns out 100 Thieves is ready to meet that demand with a special capsule collection.

“Rally the Pathfinders,” 100 Thieves shared in a new statement announcing the anime line. “100 thieves x The attack of the Titans the collection drops online March 12, 2022 at 12pm PT. [An] The experiential pop-up store will be at 100 Thieves Compound on March 11, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

As you can see herethe The attack of the Titans collection has already been previewed online. You can go ahead and figure out which pieces you want to buy when its online store opens in a few days. The line includes everything from short-sleeved shirts to hoodies and jackets. You can also find your favorite characters on these pieces, and it looks like Levi is well represented in this streetwear collection.

As for prices, the The attack of the Titans the line is keeping things quiet for now, but 100 Thieves is priced higher than most anime merchandise in the US. The brand currently has a slew of items on sale outside of this collaboration that average over $50. But if you want something like outerwear, fans can expect to shell out at least US$100.

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Of course, this collection comes at the right time considering how The attack of the Titans dominates the ratings these days. Season four is still moving forward with new episodes, and it won’t be long until its finale arrives. Its final episode will wrap up the hit anime after more than a decade on the air, so all eyes are on the Survey Corps right now. So when this collection goes live on March 12, well, you can bet plenty of fans will be vying to buy merchandise.

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