The 6 Worst Betrayals That Rocked The World Of Attack On Titan

Get ready to discover the 6 most shocking betrayals that left Attack on Titan fans shocked and excited throughout the anime. From iconic characters who turned out to be traitors to shocking events that completely changed the course of the plot, these betrayals left deep marks on the history of Attack on Titan.

Hajime Isayama created an amazing story in Attack on Titan, where humanity lived in peace behind the walls until the titans attacked them. The journey of Eren, the protagonist, begins when he decides to face these creatures.

The play is full of twists and turns, as well as complex plots. However, perhaps one of the most exciting parts is the betrayals. The world of Attack on Titan is a place where survival is paramount, leading many characters to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of themselves and their people.

Betrayals from friends, family, and even themselves are not uncommon in this world, making some of them the most shocking in all of history.

Here is a list of the 6 most devastating betrayals that shocked the world of Attack on Titan:

1.- Annie as the female titan

The Female Titan was one of the first major villains in Attack on Titan, terrorizing the Survey Corps with her enormous strength and causing numerous problems for the main group, including the deaths of several of its members.

For a long time, her identity was a mystery, but the Female Titan was eventually revealed to be Annie, one of the Survey Corps members. Annie had long infiltrated the group and was considered a trusted sister.

However, he betrayed the trust of the group, though it was later discovered that he had his own reasons for doing so. Annie’s betrayal left anime fans shocked.

2.- The painful betrayal of Bertholdt and Reiner

One of the most shocking betrayals in Attack on Titan took place at the very beginning of the story, when Annie was revealed to be the Female Titan and the true identities of the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan were revealed.

When Bertholdt and Reiner realized that they could no longer hide the truth, they coldly and ruthlessly revealed everything to Eren. Most shocking of all, they were friends and considered each other brothers, having shared meals, battles, and a life together.

However, Bertholdt and Reiner were responsible for the death of Eren’s mother, which not only shocked the protagonist, but also the entire scouting troop, unleashing a spiral of chaos that lasted for a long time.

3.- Zeke giving up his parents

Zeke, a pivotal character in Attack on Titan, reveals his backstory upon returning to Shiganshina. His parents, Grisha and Dina, were Eldian restorers and had high hopes for Zeke to restore Eldia to greatness.

However, when Zeke realized that his parents were in danger of discovery and that he and his grandfather were also in danger, he betrayed them by selling them to the Marleyan Empire.

This act had direct consequences and marked the course of Grisha’s life in Paradis, where the story of Attack on Titan begins.

4.- Eren drastically changes his character

Eren, the central character of Attack on Titan, has always shown love and concern for his friends. He was willing to do whatever he could to protect them and keep them safe from harm. However, the events that unfold in the story drastically change Eren.

After discovering the truth about Marley and Eldia, he becomes colder than ever, and that’s when his teammates begin to feel betrayed. Eren proceeds to unleash the Rumbling and destroy the vast majority of humanity.

Although it was revealed that he cared deeply for his friends and wished for them to be heroes, the way he acted was completely wrong in every aspect.

5.- Zeke betrays the Exploration Corps

eke is a selfish and manipulative character who shows no loyalty beyond his own goals. He betrayed his parents, Marley, and the Survey Corps, using all of them for his own goals.

Even when he joined Eren, Zeke doubted his loyalty, but he still went ahead with the plan to turn the Eldians of Paradis into Titans.

However, Eren was always one step ahead and Zeke was ultimately defeated.

6.- Betrayal between Eren and Zeke

In the third season of Attack on Titan, Zeke, as the main character, plays a crucial role in the story, and his importance increases significantly.

As the truth about Marley and Eldia is revealed, Zeke’s plan is revealed to be twisted and extreme, as he seeks the extinction of the Eldians to protect them from the cruelty of the world. Eren pretends to agree with Zeke, but has actually been against him from the beginning.

When they finally reach the coordinate, Eren confronts Zeke and manipulates Grisha into completely thwarting his brother’s plan.

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