The 7 best episodes of Attack on Titan

These are the best episodes of Attack on Titan according to their score on IMDb

Although many fans of the series expected that with this second part of Attack on Titan: The Final Season put on end to the story of Eren and companyin the last episode of this it was revealed to us that we will have to wait for 2023 to see the conclusion of the series. That is why, while we wait for this final season to arrive, it should be remembered some of the best episodes that have happened throughout the series since its start in 2013.

Due to the quality of the series, we meet in IMDb numerous episodes of Attack on Titan with a score of 9.9so for this list we have chosen the 7 that, even with the same note, they have a greater number of reviews. In this you can find the name that was given to the chapter in Spain, as well as its numbering with respect to the total of the series.

The best episodes of Attack on Titan according to IMDb

From you, 2000 years ago – Chapter 80

This chapter, belonging to the last aired season of Attack the titans, was a series of revelations that were expected from the beginning of the series. In this, we thoroughly know Ymir’s pastand what is more important, we witness the creation of the first titan. The drama of his storyadded to the importance of this in the plot, turns this chapter into one of the best in all anime.

Attack the titans

Memories of the future – Chapter 79

Continuing with the chapters full of revelations, we find ourselves memories of the future, in which the action of the season rests to make way for a more introspective story. In this, we travel to the memories of Grisha, the father of Eren and Zeketo discover details about this that we did not know and that change the image we had about this character.

Attack the titans

Perfect Game – Chapter 53

In this episode of the third season, our protagonists succumb to despair mainly because of from the rocks thrown by the Beast Titan. This, added to the tragic events that many will remembermakes this chapter one of the most impressive of all Attack on Titan.

Attack the titans

The warhammer titan – Chapter 65

In this chapter we are finally shown the appearance of the Hammer Titanas well as their amazing powers. The fight between this and the titan of Eren is crowned as one of the most spectacular of all Attack on Titanwith a dynamic rhythm that it moves away from other slower fights in the series. Due to the spectacular nature of the character, as well as his incredible design, it is a shame that he appeared so little on screen.

Attack the titans

Declaration of War – Chapter 64

In this episode we saw the long-awaited reunion between Eren and Reiner, with all that this entails. At the same time, Willy Tybur gives an unexpected speech everyone, which will be interrupted by the impressive offensive of the Attack Titan. The tension that is breathed throughout the chapter and his epic ending makes this one of the best of the season.

Attack the titans

Assault – Chapter 66

The battle between Eren and the warriors continuesin the meantime, the forces of marley advanceapproaching the devastating climax of this battle. In this, one of the chapters bloodiest of all Attack on Titan and best rated by IMDb, we will see the long-awaited moment in which Armin swings into action as Colossal Titan.

Attack the titans

Hero – Chapter 54

The third season is characterized by being especially hopeless for the warriors of humanity and, in this chapter, we see the peak of this drama. The beast titan and the rest of the enemies are massacring the fighters of the exploration team, so the creation of a new plan is necessary for your survival. In this one, we see Levi launch an attack on the Beast Titan that, thanks to the incrible animation and the brutality of the sceneIt’s a moment that viewers of Attack on Titan won’t easily forget.

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