The author of Attack on the Titans finally asks not to be insulted by the end of the manga

The end of “Attack the titans“It was something that a lot of people hated. At least if you go by the opinions of Twitter, but in the end (as always) the ones that make the most noise are the ones that just want to complain. Because telling someone that they do things well comes out least, but remembering your entire family at a minimum is a facility that we have developed as a species. Hajime Isayama asks for peace, love and tranquility, especially now that he is going to attend an event in the USA.

Hajime Isayama wants to hear your opinion on Attack on Titan, but calmly

What the hell am I talking about? To understand everything a little better, I leave you with the image they have shared from MangaMogura:

And what is the matter with this message? I explain it below:

  • The message is because Hajime Isayama, author of Attack on Titan, will be present next week at Anime NYC, a large anime convention that takes place in the USA. ✔️
  • The message fragment you see highlighted basically expresses this. “I am aware that the ending of Attack on Titan was very controversial. I am open to hearing people’s honest opinions. However, I would appreciate it if you would be kind to me.“. ❗
  • Basically, what Isayama-sensei is saying is that if you want to tell him that Attack on Titan didn’t have a good ending, at least say so. slowly and with arguments, and not just making it clear that it was a stinking piece of garbage. Maybe only I see it that way, but I think the request is quite logical. ✔️

I mean this with all my heart: I hope there aren’t any enlightened ones who drop by Anime NYC just to start bawling nonsense at Hajime Isayama. I still have no idea what the ending of “Attack on Titan” is like, but if I don’t end up liking it the way I did with “Game of Thrones”, then I also won’t have the need to go looking for the creator and try to ruin his day one way or another. Hopefully, if Isayama-sensei has a good time, he might be motivated to work on another manga eventually.

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