The author of Attack on Titan apologized for the ending, and it says a lot about the embarrassment of some fans

The end of “Attack the titans“It was the most controversial thing that has happened in many years in the manga industry, and controversial is a way of saying that many people jumped into the RRSS to, after years of following the work as if it were a drug, attack and destroy any self-esteem that an author like Hajime Isayama could have earned with his trajectory. Because in effect, behind these names that we do not usually see, there are people, and this has been seen in Anime NYC 2022.

The author of Attack on Titan was excited after having carried enormous pressure for a long time

It was so that Isayama-sensei already gave a notice before the event American about how he had no problem talking about the end of “Attack on Titan,” but always within the limits of respect. Imagine having to ask for something like that publicly; well, in the end this ended up leading to a tremendously emotional panel (via comic book):

  • What ended up happening, as the highlight of all, is that Hajime Isayama came to apologize for the end of Attack on Titan. ❗
  • Isayama-sensei explains that for a long time he felt insecure with the conclusion and that he was carrying a lot of very strong emotions. Fortunately, the love they gave him at Anime NYC 2022 finally made the author feel calm and satisfied with the work he had done (I will later attach a video and a tweet in which people start to cheer him up). ❤️
  • It’s just that, imagine entering the Internet one day and after having been watching for years how people sang songs of glory to you, now everyone thought you were a fucking incompetent who should never create a manga again. Well, not everyone, just the ones who love to rant, who unfortunately are always the ones with the loudest voice. ❌

To be honest, I hope that Isayama-sensei can be calm in the future with what he did with “Attack on Titan”, and that if he wants to do another manga that he does it and that if he wants to open a spa that he opens it. The end of a story is always difficult to achieve, and more for something that was active for as long as it was “Attack on Titan.” As for the anime-onlyNow we can only wait for this conclusion that many saw long ago to arrive in 2023.

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