The Best Japanese Anime-Inspired Games – Dragon Ball Super

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Between video games and anime it’s a long love story. Indeed, it is rather rare today to find a Japanese work that has not been entitled to its video game adaptation. Mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto or even Jojo have all been there. Of all these adaptations, which ones have met with the most success? We tell you about it here.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the best adaptation of Naruto in video game and one of the best arena fighting games. The game features great gameplay and includes all the Naruto characters from the beginning to the end of the series, not to mention the different versions of some of them. The clashes take place in 3D arenas with special techniques that allow for a breathtaking spectacle! The graphics of the game produced by CyberConnect2 are faithful to the anime, which undoubtedly explains its success.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

Of all the games in the Jojo franchise, this is not only the most successful, but also the most successful. Released in 2013, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle offers players a unique and captivating adventure. The game stayed true to the spirit of the manga by offering toon-shaded combat in stunning 3D arenas.

Saiyan Warriors

Saiyan Warriors is one of the many casino games whose theme is inspired by the manga Dragon Ball Z. On this slot machine with 5 reels and 10 paylines, you play as Son Goku and your objective is to collect the Dragon Balls with the help of your allies Vegeta and Piccolo. Of course, the task will not be easy, because there will be villains such as Cell and Frieza to face. On this Slot machine with an RTP of 96.5%, the minimum bet is €0.10 and the maximum is €50. This is one of the free slot machines recommended by the best online casino guides like On this page, you will also find slot machines that offer free spins allowing you to have fun for free and win huge jackpots. You will therefore have enough to enjoy free slot machines like Saiyan Warriors in the best conditions.

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure focuses on Goku’s youth in Dragon Ball. Released in 2004 on the Game Boy Advance, the game puts us in the shoes of the young, strong and naive Son Goku who must face different enemies like Piccolo or the Red Ribbon Army. By advancing in the story, we manage to advance the character of Goku by improving his Kamehameha as well as his various techniques. This is a game that every fan of the series should own.

Jump Ultimate Stars

Released only in Japan at the time for legal issues, Jump Ultimate Stars is a kind of Super Smash Bros with the greatest heroes of Shonen Jump. This game therefore brings together nearly 56 manga characters that can be used in various 2D battles. Sangoku, Gintama, Luffy, Seiya or Naruto are some of the heroes available. In the game, it is possible to do versus, but also a solo campaign to unlock other characters. Jump Ultimate Stars is a vibrant and super fun game.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 is the best Budokai game released on PlayStation 2. It offered fans an array of characters, awesome cutscenes, great transformations, well-done special moves, and a pretty successful story mode. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 marked an entire generation of players and therefore has its place in this top. This game, even if it is quite old, has nothing to envy to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, the last game of the franchise available on Stadia.

Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the shell is a manga by Masamune Shirow that has been adapted not only into anime, but also into film and live action. Following the success of the work, a game of the same name was naturally born on the PlayStation. In Ghost in the Shell, you are at the controls of a robot named Fuchikoma capable of firing missiles, climbing walls, moving quite quickly, etc. The objective of the game is quite simple: eliminate your enemies. Although other Ghost in the shell games have emerged after this one, none allow piloting a Fuchikoma.

3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha: To the End of the Galaxy

Yet another title that couldn’t cross Japan’s borders due to copyright issues. 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha: To the End of the Galaxy is a strategy game that brings together all the robots from mecha anime such as Evangelion, Gundam, Gurren Lagann, Patlabor or Grendizer. The game features very beautiful graphics and offers a multitude of missions.

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3

Released in 2007, Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 is one of the best games in the Dragon Ball franchise. It allows you to choose several characters from the manga and offers fights in huge 3D spaces. The transformations are gorgeous and the fast-paced gameplay really makes us feel like we’re experiencing a real showdown from the anime. This game is a reference and allowed thousands of fans around the world to spend incredible moments.

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is a game from the eponymous anime whose drawings were made by the great mangaka Akira Toriyama, the same behind Dragon Ball and Dr Slump. In the game, we embody a young man who realizes that he is the reincarnation of a legendary hero and who goes on an adventure in order to unravel the mysteries of his past. On the program, several quests and many battles. The strong point of the game is undoubtedly its world and its characters which have been very well drawn and which make you want to play indefinitely.

Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity

Based on the street racing anime that made millions dream, Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity is a game that was released on the SEGA and met with some success. It is possible during the games to customize your car and face other Aces behind the wheel. We find here some elements of the anime, like the Eurobeat soundtrack as well as some courses and cars. The gameplay is excellent and the graphics are very well done.

Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy is a work by mangaka Osamu Tezuka. This anime had a reboot in 2003 and two games were released at the same time; one on the PS2 and the other on the GameBoy Advance. It is the latter which has had the most success and which has become essential. Astro Boy: Omega Factor is a mix of some elements from the 2003 anime, manga, and new storylines. Throughout your adventures, you will be able to improve Astro the main character thanks to the various points collected by eliminating the bad guys. It will therefore be possible to have new powerful attacks such as a laser beam or machine guns that come out of the hips. The game is really well done and can quickly become addictive. This is all the more true as it will be necessary to play it several times in order to see all the possible endings.

Naruto: Clash of Ninja 4

This is the game that has been on console for a long time, the best adaptation of Masashi Kishimoto’s “Naruto” manga. This title released on Gamecube has met with real success in Japan thanks to the many usable characters and the system as successful as on the previous opuses. In this game produced by Bandai, we follow the adventures of the most popular Ninja, the future hokage and savior of the world Naruto Uzumaki. With Naruto: Clash of Ninja 4, it’s 30 usable characters and magnificent fights, all in a 2D setting.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the most successful fighting game in the universe of the series. This is probably the reason why FighterZ is in the list of games for evo 2022. The game also allows you to embody the different characters from the anime. You can choose Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and even villains like Cell, Buu, Ginyu, etc. The fights are impressive, impactful and quite realistic. The character transformations were also very well done. This is a game every fighting fan should own.

attack on titan 2

Developed by Omega Force, Attack on titan 2 is a game based on the manga of the same name directed by Hajime Isayama. In the game, you have the opportunity to create your own character and interact with the other characters in the work. The objective is the same as in the series: to protect the inhabitants from the attack of the titans thanks to your three-dimensional equipment and your blades. The gameplay is excellent and the fights are very intense. The game covers the events of the anime’s first two seasons, and an expansion called Final Battle is also available to cover season 3.

Bleach: The Blade Of Fate

This is the best game adapted from Bleach anime. Released on Nintendo DS in 2008, the 2D fighting game won over fans with 26 characters and 23 scenarios available. The gameplay is dynamic and the combat system intuitive and quite simple. It is also possible outside of the adventure mode to play online against your loved ones. This is a game that will undoubtedly interest fans of the Bleach universe.