The best Shingeki no Kyojin game is made by fans: here is a gameplay and how to download it for free

One of the consequences of overcrowding of concepts and works in the manga is that many of these products do not come to light or are overshadowed by the general public, so their adaptation to anime usually gives spectacular visibility. I have to say that the same thing happened to me. Shingeki no Kyojin, the work Hajime Isayama was elusive to me. It is also true that I am not a common manga reader, so it was not until his anime arrived in 2013 that I put my eyes on this particular proposal. Shonen.

Altogether, we have 7 license games, of which only 3 that have reached our territory, accommodating the anime as best they can. Far from adapting the story well, something between complicated and impossible, none of these games manages to transfer us to the world created by Isayama; none except one game created by fans. I speak of Swammys Attack On Titan Fan Gamea modest title developed by four fans under the Unreal Engine 4 engine with a very basic concept: discard any type of narrative attempt and prioritize the combat experience and movement above all.

The truth is that I was not looking for a game that would tell me, again, the same thing that I can read or see in the anime, but that would make me feel part of the exploration body through the streets of Trost or Shiganshina, even through the surrounding forests, and he has succeeded. In this type of proposal, it is the sensation of movement or combat, the one that leaves behind, is almost the only thing the fan is looking for.

Although it may sound strange, perhaps due to the enormous difference between the two, even on the platform, the feeling of the game is similar to what you can have with the Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games; a game that knew how to translate perfectly the spider hero move to the video game after a long time replicating the same rocking arcade essence. Swammys Attack On Titan Fan Game does not seek to be a simulator, far from it, but in its simple control system and buttons is the key to all this achievement.

Shingeki No Kyojin Fan Game

East fan game bet on one first person view —essential for the concept you are looking for and to explain this text, although we can put it in the third person— where the main mouse buttons are the two triggers of the maneuvering equipment on each side of, in this case, Eren and hook the hooks to move . Simple truth? well that simplicity get what no title had done before.

No wonder the best feeling I’ve ever gotten from the world of Isayama was from a group of fans.

Sometimes the easy and direct gives better results. When I said that the work of Insomniac Games came to mind when I played, it was because of this. Triggers do not engage automatically, implies that we have to point, and they won’t if there’s no surface in the direction we’re pointing, almost like Peter Parker’s cobwebs in Insomniac’s New York. It is this difficult little concept, simply replicated, that translates the true experience from the Shingeki no Kyojin universe, in my opinion.

Shingeki No Kyojin Fan Game

The result? The gameplay that crowns these lines speaks for itself, but I tell you that once you manage to learn to move, you can be part of movements and sequences even more visually appealing than official products. Far from this, the small team allows themselves some room for experimentation with close combat concepts, Eren’s transformations into the Attack Titan or small QTEs to avoid being swallowed by one of these beasts.

Everything with the limits that marks a game of this nature, but the product is remarkable. I don’t want to reduce all of this to the simple idea of ​​”Bandai Namco has to give millions to this group of developers to make it bigger and better.” Maybe they can’t. A video game is not only the sensation of movement, the sensation at the controls, there are many factors.

However, it doesn’t surprise me that the best feeling I have been able to get from the world of Isayama, I have received from a group of fans, from a free game. One that all of you can access, only by entering the official channel of game discord. A free experience, complete and, perhaps, of the best we can see from the manga in the video game.