The best shonen anime of 2021 on Funimation, from AOT to The Vanitas Affair

Shōnen anime has always been a popular genre, and each new season sees more action-adventure narratives hit television screens. Funimation’s 2021 schedule is a fantastic example of this: while some old favorites have made a comeback, many new shows are also premiering, offering viewers a variety of original takes on the classic shōnen format.

So for those fans looking to catch up on a popular anime or want to dive into something new, here are some of the best shōnen anime available to watch on Funimation right now.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1

Attack on Titanby Hajime Isayama became an instant worldwide hit when it began publication in 2009. The anime soon followed in the footsteps of the manga, turning AoT in one of the most popular franchises in the world. However, all stories must come to an end, and this first part of the final season of Attack on Titan sets the stage for the epic finale. In it, Studio MAPPA takes over the animation of Wit Studio, the team responsible for the first three seasons.

Set four years after the Scout Regiment hit the coast, the Fourth Part of the Season introduces viewers to a very different world than previously seen. Despite the changes, things remain as complicated as ever. The fate of the Scout Regiment and the island of Paradis still hangs in the balance, especially as long-term tensions between the Marleyans and the Eldians reach a boiling point. To further complicate matters, Eren Yeager is missing in action. What is he doing, and will he come back?

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My Hero Academy – Season 5el mejor anime shonen de 2021 en funimation desde aot hasta el caso de vanitas 1

My Hero Academia is one of the most recognized modern animation series today. It’s impossible to walk into any anime store without seeing something related to this mammoth franchise, and season five proves that the series isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. Written by Kōhei Horikoshi and animated by beloved Studio BONES, the fifth season of My Hero Academia sees Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto spending time working and studying with Endeavor, an event that doesn’t turn out like anyone expected.

Season 5 also unveils a new team of villains that turns the world upside down and forces the heroes to change their strategies. Along the way, the series introduces many new heroes and develops much of the main cast in exciting new ways, proving that there are still many stories to be told in the universe of My Hero Academia .

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Black Clover – Temporada 4el mejor anime shonen de 2021 en funimation desde aot hasta el caso de vanitas 2

Black Clover by Yūki Tabata has been hugely popular since the manga’s launch in 2015. Studio Pierrot’s anime adaptation has been delighting fans since it began, and season four is no exception. It continues the story of Asta and Yuno, two orphans who compete to become the Wizard King. To do this, they both join teams of Magic Knights and begin training.

In the fourth season of Black Clover, Asta and Yuno confront three evil-possessed wizards from the nearby Pallas Kingdom, called the Dark Triad. Although they are the strongest enemies the duo have ever fought, they might also have information that explains the origins of the mysterious demons, and how these creatures have been affecting Asta and Yuno’s lives up to this point. These secrets promise to totally change the lives of heroes, forcing them to see everything in a new light.

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The case of Vanitasel mejor anime shonen de 2021 en funimation desde aot hasta el caso de vanitas 3

Created by Studio BONES and based on the manga written by Jun Mochizuki, The Case Study of Van itas has been widely praised for its beautiful setting and unique storyline. The story follows the vampire Noah Archiviste who, while searching for the legendary Book of Vanitas, he is attacked by a vampire driven mad by a strange condition. All seems lost until a human appears who rescues Noah, healing the vampire in the process. This human claims to not only have the name Vanitas, but also carry with him the mysterious Book of Vanitas.

Vanitas claims that she knows a way to cure all vampires of this mysterious ailment, but she will need Noah’s help to do so. Can Noah trust someone with such power, and is Vanitas all that he seems? Combining an excellent plot full of intrigue with absolutely stunning animation, The Case Study of Vanitas it’s both a powerful display of modern anime prowess and a fond appeal to classic gothic novels.

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