The creator of Attack on Titan prepares his new series

With the story of Attack on Titan about to come to an end, now its creator is preparing the new series that wants to conquer the world.

Right now Attack on Titan is living the best moment of its entire existence with the end of the last season. The spectators are completely delivered, trying to assimilate what happens in each new episode. At the end of the day, the acclaimed anime comes to an end after a lot of years in operation. An ending that we all deserved, starting with its creator. The Lord Hajime isayama, who is fully involved in the conclusionHe needed to take a little break. And fans may be wondering what he’s up to now, after this story.

This question came to light in the French publication VF, who recently interviewed Isayama about the end of the last season of Attack on Titan. That is where we have discovered that the artist is preparing his new series, his new story. I hope I can live up to this one!

We don’t know what his new story will be about, but he won’t be in this titans universe… at least for now!

As Isayama himself has explained, right now he is focusing his attention on his next job. The artist does not provide any details about what the project could be or what he could be about. Be that as it may, it doesn’t seem like a spin-off or something related to the universe of Attack on Titan. Isayama has actively and passively said that she wants to take a long break after the end.

We do not know if this new work will be a manga, but viewers are hopeful that the artist will return to said medium. Attack on Titan It is already considered by many readers as a manga classic. His anime has allowed the global fandom to rejuvenate after a few lean years. At this point, manga and anime are bigger than ever. The fans are going to be eagerly awaiting the new Isayama, of that we have no doubt. Let’s see what surprises us!