The creator of ‘Attack on Titan’ reveals his favorite character

Attack the titans come to an end in 2023 with an unexpected part 3 that was officially confirmed after seeing the success that the final stretch of fiction was having. Hajime Isayama, creator of the manga, dropped in at the last Anime NYC, a convention held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City to talk about the final stretch of his story. On his first trip to the United States, the mangaka took the opportunity to reveal which character from Attack on Titan was his favorite, in addition to also confirming that breaking bad Y Game of Thrones have been two of the main references on which this bloody adventure full of gigantic monsters has been built.

Jean Kirstein is the favorite character of the creator of Attack on Titan

As collected from Comic Bookisayama stated in Anime NYC that his favorite hero is none other than Jean Kirsteina soldier who in the beginning only wanted to guard the Paradis realm and who, little by little, revealed his skills realizing that he was a true elite soldier. Many expected Isayama’s answer to be Eren Jaeger, since he is one of the main characters most loved by the public, in general. But the creators and managers of the works always surprise us with this kind of thing.

Akira Toriyamafor instance, ensure that his favorite Dragon Ball character was none other than Piccoloone of the most forgotten during Dragon Ball Zwith the passing of the sagas, and that has had its “resurrection” with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. “Piccolo is my favorite character. He is always so quiet…maybe this is the first time he is so talkative and active“, commented the creator of the story of Son Goku. Going back to Attack the titanspart 3 of the final season will be released in 2023 resolving everything and closing this important stage in the anime.