The end of the Attack on Titan anime has a new teaser… and a release date!

We are a few months away from starting the end of Attack on Titan in the anime, the second part of the final season already has a release date.

One of the manganimes most popular of recent years is, without a doubt, Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin).

Based on the work of Hajime Isayama (Isayama Hajime), Attack on Titan displaced us to a dystopian world where giant humanoid beings, known as Titans, have humanity terrified.

The humans of this world live in isolation in cities bordered by massive walls that keep them relatively safe from the Titans outside, but they are not infallible enclosures.

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The raids of the Titans begin to increase and Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert they enlist in the Scouting Corps to try to end the threat.

Naturally, that’s just the premise of Attack the titans, whose manga has already concluded in the middle of this year and whose volume 34 will arrive in Spain at the end of this month, by the hand of Norma Editorial.

This year we also enjoyed the first part of the final season of the Attack on Titan anime, the second part of which has been quite begging.

But the wait for the end of the adventures of the protagonists is near. The new teaser trailer for Attack on Titan reveals that the January 9, 2022 the broadcast of the last episodes will begin.

The anime’s ending is known to vary from what is seen in Hajime Isayama’s manga, so there is widespread interest in seeing how the animated story ends as well.

They have been several years enjoying a fierce story, with a lot of mystery, betrayals and moments with a tremendous dramatic charge.

MAP took over from Wit Studio for the final season of Attack on Titan, after the former took over the first three seasons.

Are you looking forward to seeing the end of the Attack on Titan anime?