The ex-wrestler Bombardier explodes in less than a minute the titan Zuluzinho of 177 kilos in MMA

A boom in the cage, after Bombardier’s crushing victory against the MMA legend, who is even more physically imposing than the former Senegalese wrestler, Zuluzinho.

This weekend will have been quite surprising with the return of Mayweather, the debut of Cris Cyborg in boxing and above all, the remake of clash of the titans, which took place Poland, between a legend of the Pride F.C. and Senegalese arenas.

43 seconds of bombardment

After suffering a terrible defeat against the strongman and fighter Mariusz Pudzianowskithe Senegalese fighter, Bombardier, found the way to victory this Saturday, during the event MMA Attack 4. It was against the veteran of the Pride F.C., the super heavyweight of 2 meters and 177 kg, Zuluzinhowho had not fought for more than 1 year.

The clash lasted almost 43 seconds, including 25 seconds before having a first blow. Zuluzinho was knocked down by the wrestler, after having engaged in the fight, and was very quickly overwhelmed thereafter, by taking fifteen blows to the skull, once on the ground. The referee decides to stop the fight at the right time, to declare victorious by TKO B52, while the 44-year-old Brazilian agonizes in a bitter defeat.

Bombardier vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski II?

Pudzianowski chained his fifth victory in the cage in May 2022 against Michal Martela and in stride, he had managed to inflict Bombardier’s first loss in MMA.An extremely humiliating knockout in 18 seconds, which the Senegalese champion had to take.

A defeat he still has in his throat, which is normal for a fighter who has almost never known it. His victory against Zuluzinho is a godsendas he might be legit to land a rematch, which would be an ideal sequel for him and the Strong.



MMA Attack 4