The game ATTACK ON TITAN: THE LAST REMPART back at Don’t Panic Game

After several weeks of blocking, the game ATTACK ON TITAN: THE LAST BASKET is back home nos amis de Don’t Panic Games and enjoy a new reprint to replenish stocks!

The game, available at a price of 50 euros and signed Antoine Bauza and Ludovic Maublanc. It is presented as a co-production between Cryptozoic Entertainment and Don’t Panic Games.

Here is a video presentation of the game and its instructions. A software that promises great battles (cooperative, via action cards) in perspective and you play it Exploration Battalion or embody a Titan!

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“Attack on Titan: The Last Stand board game is based on the famous Japanese anime series Attack on Titan. In this asymmetrical game for 2 to 5 players, one of the players takes on the role of a formidable Titan while the others embody the courageous Heroes, protectors of the last city on Earth!

In this semi-cooperative game, players work together to defeat the Titan before it destroys the last human city. To overcome the Titan, they will have to coordinate and make the best use of their special ability.

The game offers the Titan player to choose from 4 different Titans, each more formidable than the other… On the other side, players have the choice between 8 different Heroes, each with a unique technique. Many different game combinations to create suspense and twists!

Killing the Titan won’t be easy, as it has many surprises in store for the Heroes. Indeed, when playing, the Titan places the first Action card face up, and the second face down. This means that the Heroes learn part of the Titan’s plans, and can decide (or not) to parry the effects of the first card. Sometimes, the Heroes can choose to undergo the effects considered “minor” and keep their defense symbols for the second Action card which will be revealed right after. The latter therefore gives the Titan a considerable head start! The Heroes roll their dice, visible to all (including the Titan), and their strategy can be seen and heard, unless they are discreet”

Source : Don’t Panic Game