The keys to ‘Memories of the future’, the most recent chapter of ‘Attack on titans’

Although when you think of Attack the titans the first images are associated with action, one of the main values ​​of this anime is the intrigue and the narrative power that it has developed through its four seasons. If something is suggested in one chapter, even “truths”, something can happen in the other that upsets the idea. That’s a lot of what happened in “memories of the future”, the 79th chapter of the manga adaptation of Hajime Isayama.

After “Brothers”, perhaps one of the most dramatic and moving chapters of the entire adaptation, “Memories of the future” provides key data to understand the reason for many events presented before. Shingeki no Kyojin, from the beginning and up to the present, is a story in which different doors are opened for the viewer to peek through. Sometimes there may be the feeling that it was not necessary, that there is nothing in that place that the anime invites. But it turns out that, some time later, the answers appear: nothing is done by chance within this story.

To this factor is added a complex narrative framework, with nods to other stories of time jumps, family dramas, misunderstandings and particular agendas that enrich what is seen. It is no coincidence that it is, in terms of anime, one of the most important phenomena of recent years. Next, we share some keys about “Memories of the future”, chapter 79 of Attack the titans.

The other side of the Grisha Jaegar story
in Shingeki no Kyojin

Until this chapter, the story of Attack the titans had introduced Grisha Jaegar as one of the villains of the story. The one who, moved by a family tragedy, stole the Founding Titan. The one who approached the Power to find out details, left his previous relative and murdered children, among other sins that had been revealed previously.

However, in this chapter part of the internal pulses of this character are told, how his decisions marked a good part of his life and what was the pulse he developed with them, from accepting responsibility as an Attack Titan to regretting having treated Zeke the way he did. Thus, an episode directed towards another direction, served to tell another focus of one of the pending stories of the story.