The keys to ‘Pride’, the latest chapter of ‘Attack on Titan’

Chapter 83 of Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) answered one of the most constant questions among viewers who have followed the story through anime: what happened to Levi? At previous episode one of the main suspicions came true: he was still alive. “Pride” described the story of him and hange after both escaped from the Jaegerist faction. His reincorporation into the story is also the restructuring of forces.

After a handful of chapters in which the adaptation answered without buts, episode 83 left some doubts about it. This becomes evident in the transitions between different moments. It is understood that there are time jumps in the story. However, the transition from one point to another was abrupt in the handling of the color palette, even in the type of drawing. More than an aesthetic critique, it is a narrative questioning: details like these distract the viewer, within an anime that, because of his wealth, he cannot afford such carelessness.

The picture of Eren jaeger become the Founding Titan still undisclosed and Shingeki no Kyojin is responsible for maintaining the expectation in relation to his figure. Therefore Pieck Finger he asked Hange, “Did you see the Founding Titan?” to which she replied, “I know it’s huge.” The title of the chapter, “Pride”, could be summed up in the decision of Connie Springer in relation to Falcon. But also in how the different parties involved in the conflict, both Marley as of the paradise islandthey decide to lay down their ego in favor of a bigger plan: trying to stop Eren.

Levi returns to the game in Shingeki no Kyojin

Before and during the activation of The RumbleHange took care of Levi. Ella, a titan specialist, attributes her ability to resist to her lineage. Captain Ackerman awakens from his healing sleep and the first thing he is interested in is the Beast Titan, whom he promised to kill. His greatness seems marred, his hand partially mutilated and his bandaged face is enough to present the seriousness of his condition. However, his will is still intact: where is zeke?

Attack the titans takes us back to the moment when Theo Magath and Pieck Finger they converse with Hange and Levi. The meeting could have resulted in some kind of pulse or in the surrender of one for the others. But no. It resulted in the first meeting of what would later be an alliance between the forces that oppose the Jaeger faction and Eren’s interests as the Founding Titan.