The keys to ‘Sneak Attack’, the latest chapter of ‘Attack on Titan’

The beginning of the second part of the end of Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) runs its course. The factions of Marley and Paradis are clashing with each other, while the wielders of the titans have scores of their own to settle. Among those searches, a greater interest and a question: What will happen to the inhabitants of Paradis Island? What is Eren Jaeger’s plan? What role does Zeke have in this new scenario?

Through its three seasons, Shingeki no Kyojin has presented his viewer with a series of characters with nuances that invite the observer to think that no one is all good or all bad. It is an anime that does not admit polarities, especially at this point in the story. The above was feasible at first. Still, there was a layer of mystery that was not resolved. That factor continues in this ending, but with some clearer things.

While the great story unfolds, several of the small stories that feed it take shape and others evolve naturally or, perhaps, surprisingly. “Sneak Attack”, the second episode of this second part of the season finale of Shingeki no Kyojin, was presented as a transition chapter towards what could be one of the most important moments of the series. As the next episode rolls around, we break down three key details.

Attack the titans: the prelude to the rumble?

The answer to the previous question seems clear: it is. Eren and Zeke, two of the central characters of the story for a few chapters, are close to meeting. If they do, taking into account the different clues that the anime has been giving, they will activate The Rumble. Remember that this consists of freeing all the colossal titans that are confined in the walls of the districts. In that context, we share some points from the “Sneak Attack” chapter.

They are in combat

From the small incapable of controlling the attack titan to this boy capable of carrying three titans in his blood and controlling the skills of two specialized in combat. Eren Jaeger, whom the story does not yet reveal as a hero or antihero, follows his natural evolution. He is a formidable bearer with questionable ways, especially when it comes to his friendships.