The keys to ‘Sunset’, the latest chapter of ‘Attack on Titan’

While still waiting for images regarding the final form of Eren jaeger, Attack the titans actively rests on the aftermath of the destruction of the walls. The rumble was one of the threats proposed several chapters ago, in other seasons, and the anime he takes his time sizing it up. Although it seems lack of action, especially when compared to the beginning of this second part of the finale, there can be some complaints.

If it is recognized as a space for dramatic development, the feeling is that there is not much to question. Shingeki no Kyojin It has been characterized by this type of sections, a pause after the action. The difference, in relation to other moments, is that the consequences of the combats and the warlike decisions resonate more clearly in these latest episodes. While the life within the walls had some blue flashes in the sky, from the rumble everything is reddish, orange and black, as if hell has settled inside them.

This new context, without artificial borders, released different conflicts on Paradis Island. There are no controls or hierarchy. A nonsense that runs through all the characters of Attack the titans. They make decisions driven by fear, uncertainty and personal interests, leaving behind the belonging and commitment that has marked much of the anime so far.

The horror

Eren was presented with the powers of the Founding Titan promising to save the inhabitants of the paradise island. The region in which he grew up and for which he fought to achieve the freedom that he did not have for thousands of years. That was the proposal, materialized in the destruction of the walls. But the result is less idyllic than proposed. Where before there were houses, now there are ruins. The streets where people used to walk now have dead bodies. The landscape that previously had green details now only offers destruction, the threat of the march of the Colossal Titans and bloody tones.

The first few minutes ofSunset” showed the consequences of Eren’s decision, in key landscape, and also from a human perspective. The inhabitants mention it as a reference. While others question his methods: his actions killed people he was supposed to protect. People lost their homes and relatives. Pain and uncertainty. The horror begins to be seen from different perspectives, through well-composed detailed and panoramic shots.