The keys to ‘Thaw’, the latest chapter of ‘Attack on Titan’

As the army of Colossal Titans marches towards the destruction of the world together with Eren Jaeger transformed into Founder Titan, there are things to attend to in the paradise island. After several episodes aimed at creating a climate of tension and explaining different issues that were not previously addressed, Attack the titans returns to one of its narrative bases: the actions of La Legión, while particular plots continue to develop in Attack the titans.

During the previous chapters, the spotlights were on Eren And his brother zeke, in both war and philosophical conflicts. What is the best way to stop the war? Some have another position, others theirs and, apparently, there is Eren’s: exterminate the rest of the world so that his people, the place where he grew up, remain through time without walls around him. The decision poses an interesting twist in relation to the most classic heroes inside the animebecause from one point of view it does not seem heroic and, from another, focused on the particular journey of the protagonist, it makes sense.

my house Y armin, Eren’s two companions, find themselves in a scene of confusion. Both must manage an unforeseen situation, while dozens of titans still devour those who are within their reach. Shingeki no Kyojin transfers the global conflict triggered by Eren to a slightly more particular one. The story, as in the beginning of the series, returns to what happens inside those houses, in them alleys subjected to fear of other titans for years, to delve into the transformation of some of the secondary characters.

Gaby the devil

From the beginning of the first part of this season finale of Attack the titans, Gabi has been key. From their emotional state, the moment of the series can be filtered. also works as a mirror effect in relation to Eren: she is a female version. Both are victims of the spiral of hatred, death and manipulation in which they were submerged.

With the passing of the chapters, while Eren consolidates himself in the hero/villain duality, Gabi dismantles his cultural beliefs. Her deconstruction has brought her to a stage where she trusts her own, her comrades-in-arms, but not her people and no longer recognizes others as demons. Conversely, “Thaw” left a key phrase in his transformation process.