The Matrix: 10 Anime Characters Who Could Be The Chosen One

The matrix the films are landmarks in the world of sci-fi cinema, a cyberpunk vision of a terrifying future where machines have spun out of control and enslaved the entire human race in the virtual world of the Matrix to keep human cattle ignorant and complacent. Generations ago, according to Morpheus, a hero appeared, someone who could hold his own.

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Now, Neo may be humanity’s ultimate savior, the successor to that original rebel against the order of the Machine. Neo may be the Chosen One, a token fighter who will give anything, even his own life, to free humanity from this digital prison and reclaim Earth. But if Thomas Anderson hadn’t become the Chosen One, these characters from the Japanese anime world could have played the role instead and claimed victory in Machine City.

dix All Might Never Stop Fighting (My Hero Academia)

all could be younger

If mankind needs a token hero to free themselves from the tyranny of villainous machines, they need look no further than the invincible symbol of peace, All Might. He has the charisma, the fighting strength and the iron will to defeat all evil and protect the innocent no matter the risk. He will fight until the end.

He’s the kind of hero the people of Zion need, and Morpheus would gladly teach All Might the ways of the Matrix to help him fulfill his potential as the One in a digital war for the future. Agent Smith, the symbol of evil, will not last long against this one.

9 Jonathan Joestar would give his life for the people of Zion (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Any anime protagonist cannot be the only one even if they are skilled fighters. The One must have the resolve to lay down his life for the good of mankind against the Machines if necessary. The One must also be a symbolic savior who can empower his fellow beings by his mere presence.

Jonathan Joestar, the first Jojo hero, could also be the Chosen One. Instead of Hamon, he would learn to bend the Matrix around himself and rewrite it to suit his needs. Only then could he take the fight to Agent Smith, the new Dio Brando, and achieve victory.

8 Diana will risk everything for peace (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Diana frowns

Diane is a giantess from the land of Megadozer, and she later joined the holy knight group Seven Deadly Sins as a Sin of Envy. Diana, unlike the other giants, is not a berserker seeking bloody glory in battle. Instead, she fights for the peace and happiness of others.

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Diane will risk her life to defeat evil and protect the people of the kingdom of Liones from harm, and as a sworn holy knight, she can do no less. In the Matrix world, she would pretty much do the same as an Imposing and smash every agent in her way to defeat the Machine Lords.

sept Eren Yeager will always fight tyranny and oppression (Attack On Titan)

It’s true that in the original The attack of the Titans storyline, the hero Eren Yeager has become a villain bent on destroying the world, but it’s because of the politics of the Eldian people and the Marley Empire. If he was born in the Matrix world instead, he would never have turned evil.

Eren is a strong-willed and brave hero who once swore to destroy all Titans and free humanity from oppression, which is already similar to the Matrix scenario. Eren would happily train with Morpheus to become the Chosen One and crush all Agents in his Attack Titan form before moving on to the Machines themselves.

6 Ken Kaneki risked everything for peace (Tokyo Ghoul)

Ken Kaneki wallpaper to look into the camera.

Like Eren, Seinen hero Ken Kaneki went to the dark side during his character arc, but deep down he was always a good person who wanted the best for others. Ken would not have been tortured or exploited in The matrixand therefore would never become a borderline villain.

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Instead, as a digital ghoul, Ken would put his life on the line to fight against the agents who, in his eyes, are the real ghouls. He could even “eat” them to earn his kakuja and lead a mob of resisters to annihilate the remaining agents to get one step closer to ultimate victory. This digital world is fake, but Ken can fix it.

5 Naruto Uzumaki will always fight for peace and freedom (Naruto)

Naruto Loses Sage Mode During Pain Fight

Naruto Uzumaki may be rather clumsy and whimsical compared to Neo and his allies, but he still has what it takes to fight tyranny and injustice no matter the odds. Naruto inherited Jiraiya the Wise Toad’s dream of world peace in his own world, and he battled the Akatsuki and Madara Uchiha to achieve that dream.

In the Matrix universe, Naruto would have the same dream and the same desire to liberate humanity from the Machines, so that they would not have to feel the pain of the alienation he had once felt. Morpheus would be his new Jiraya, and he would train hard to face the Agents and teach them what humanity can do.

4 Major Alex Louis Armstrong will protect the innocent from all harm (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Fullmetal Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong

Major Alex Louis Armstrong couldn’t bear to continue the Ishval Civil War massacre, and later helped Edward Elric defeat the evil Father and his homunculus minions no matter the danger. Major Armstrong is a charismatic, enthusiastic, and noble hero who will tolerate no evil.

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Armstrong, as One, would rally the people of Zion with his speeches and intense passion, then plunge straight into the Matrix to strike every Agent with his magnificent strength. It won’t stop until everyone in the Matrix has been freed from the shadow of the Machines.

3 Ichigo Kurosaki wants to win (Bleach)

Close-up ichigo mask

Ichigo Kurosaki’s character arc is actually quite similar to Neo’s. The two protagonists once thought they were living an ordinary life until a special person awakened them to the truth of worlds beyond their own. Ichigo then trained hard to prepare for the battles to come.

Both Ichigo and Neo traveled to exotic new worlds to battle powerful foes and overthrow tyrants who thought they could make all of reality their plaything. Ichigo may not be charismatic, but he’s fiercely determined to fight for what’s right, and his willpower is amazing. Agent Smith is in trouble.

2 Shinra Kusakabe fought back against a doomsday cult (Fire Force)

Shinra in front of a wall of flames using his power

Shinra Kusakbe claims he wants to be a great hero, almost like All Might, and he’s proven himself as a self-proclaimed hero more than once in fire force. Shinra suffered a terrible loss in his youth, which prompted him to become a firefighter and dedicate his life to saving humanity from all threats.

Shinra’s battle against the doomsday cult is a bit like Neo’s, with both heroes fighting impossible odds to free their worlds from the threat of annihilation, and these heroes will lay down their lives to protect the innocent masses who rely on them. As the Chosen One, Shinra would soon become the man who saves humanity from evil machines.

1 Son Goku is the champion of mankind (Dragon Ball)

Son Goku is the Saiyan defender of Earth, the shonen Superman who can and will lay down his life for humanity. He can be clumsy at times and an uncertain parent, but when people rely on him, he will push himself to impossible heights to save the day.

If destined to be the Chosen One, Goku would enthusiastically train with Morpheus to prepare for the battles to come and happily take on every agent if it meant humanity could be free. Those Machine lords won’t last long against this hero.

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