The One Piece Roller Coaster is coming to Universal Studios

Universal Studios Japan is quite different from Universal Studios which are found in Orlando, Florida, with the eastern theme park taking the opportunity to focus on some of the biggest anime franchises around. With series such as Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Case Closed and others getting their own rides over the years, it looks like 2022 is about to give One Piece its first roller coaster, allowing park-goers to to jump aboard the Going Merry alongside the Straw Hat Pirates.

The first roller coaster for A piece is titled “One Piece x Hollywood Dream the Ride – Departure! Mini Merry II” which features a promotional image of Chopper and Usopp riding the reincarnated first ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, which unfortunately no longer sails through the Grand Line in either manga or anime. Scheduled to run from July 1 to October 2 this year, this new event and the attractions within it not only promote the upcoming fifteenth film in the franchise, but also celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the arrival manga. in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump.

The official Universal Studios Japan Twitter account has shared a first look at the “15th Premier Summer”, showing how long the amusement park has had a relationship with Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates, as the theme park has dedicated many many attractions and parts of its park to the Shonen franchise in the past:

The upcoming partnership between Universal Studios Japan and A piece will not only give us the first roller coaster in the Shonen series, it will also involve a live show as well as a restaurant for park-goers to visit which has been dubbed “Sanji’s Pirate Restaurant.” Currently, there are no plans for the world of A piece to arrive at Universal Studios in North America, although we’ve recently seen the Super Mario part of the park make the jump from Japan to the West, so fingers crossed that Luffy and his Straw Hats do the same in Japan. ‘coming.

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