The strategy and war anime whose protagonist is considered better than Eren Jaeger from “Attack on Titan”

Yes ok , the manga closed its story and left many comments on the resolution of its plot. The endings are often controversial, especially because of the high level shown in the development of the anime. This was what happened with “”, an animated series that.

The outcome of left many with a disappointment because it was a end not impressive at all, although very realistic. In addition, viewers noticed that the latest chapters of the “Attack on Titan” manga It bore a strong resemblance to another anime that came to an end in 2007.

We are referring to “Code Geass”, the creation of Ichirō Ōkouchi that has been considered as one of the best anime everbeside “Evangelion”, “Cowboy Bebop”, “full metal alchemist“, among other. He knows more about the history of the series than, in two short seasons, .

CC in his white suit and Lelouch in his Zero suit in a knightmare (Photo: Bandai)


“Code Geass” is the story of the revolution made by Lelouch Lamperougewith his alter ego Zero, in the Holy Britannian Empire, the world power that dominated much of the world, including Japanwhere the protagonist is now living.

Lelouch is also an exiled prince by his father after the murder of his mother. He is about an intelligent young man, skilled at the game of chess, bored with leading an elite life, whose fate will change when he meets CC., a kind of witch with whom he makes a contract in exchange for a power, the Geasswhich allows him to make others obey his orders regardless of the will of the victim.

With this ability and his capacity for strategy, andhe young Britannian starts a revolution with a group of Japanese rebels who want to revoke the current empire. To prevent them from knowing his origins, Lelouch will use a suit and a mask to command the fight using Geass.

Zero, taking the EVAs from “Evangelion”, which in the series are called Knightmare, builds a rebellion from military force, alliances, betrayals, to achieve a world where her sister, Nunnally, can live in peace. A utopia that leaves one of the best endings that has been seen in anime, although in the subsequent film they ruin the mystery of its outcome.

The story of Lelouch Lamperouge It has conspiracies, funny moments, a bit of romance, impressive battles and questions various aspects of war, such as mass destruction, the subjugation of peoples.

Therefore, what happened to Eren Jaeger in “Attack on Titan” was tied to the ending of “Code Geass”, leaving Lelouch in a better place for how the anime ended.

Zero in his suit in front of Suzaku's knightmare Lancelot (Photo: Bandai)
Zero in his suit in front of Suzaku’s knightmare Lancelot (Photo: Bandai)


  • Lelouch Lamperouge / Zero
  • Nunnally saw Britannia
  • DC
  • Suzaku Kururugi
  • Kallen Kozuki
  • Shirley Fenette
  • Euphemia li Britannia
  • Schneizel the Britannia
  • Marianne vi Britannia
  • Charles zi Britannia
  • Cornelia li Britannia
  • Clovis the Britannia
  • Viletta Nu
  • kaname ohgi
A group of Britannian knightmare heading into battle (Photo: Bandai)
A group of Britannian knightmare heading into battle (Photo: Bandai)


The two seasons of “Code Geass” are available on the streaming platform . Similarly, anime is also part of the catalog of .


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