The Uniqlo t-shirt collection that has revolutionized Attack on Titan fans

There are many clothing brands that sometimes launch collaborations with designers, movies or series, video games and even with other brands. This type of garments, footwear either accessories They are usually a success and sweep among their fans, which is why this collection of Uniqlo it won’t take long to run out.

Some time ago it became very popular in Netflix and, later, on platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and crunchyrollthe anime shingeki no kyojin either Attack on Titan and there are many brands that have taken advantage of the pull to launch garments based on this popular Japanese animated series.

Green T-shirt with graphic print

This beautiful green-based t-shirt reflects the moment in the series in which Pieck and pig joined hands to surprise attack eren. The scene features prominently on the front of the jersey. Eren is seen engulfed in steam as he transforms into a Titan and his thunderous roar is highlighted in red, adding to the color palette of the design. It has a price of €19.90.

Beige T-shirt with screen print

This shirt represents the moment in which the Rumble begins, eren yeager he tells all the People of Ymir, through the power of the Founding Titan, that “The Titans of the Wall will spread their roar throughout the world, to all territories outside this island.” the rumbledepicted in the print on the back of the jersey, began when Zeke seized Eren’s head after the bullet from Gaby dismembered her body. It has a price of €19.90.

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Screen-printed T-shirt with Levi’s image

A soldier asks if he has helped humanity by fighting the Titans as he draws his last breath. Levi, the squad captain, holds her bloody hand and replies “The determination you leave will give me strength«. The following words of Levi are included in this design. The work appeared on the cover of the FRAU magazine and immediately became famous. It has a price of €19.90.

1684065266 294 The Uniqlo t shirt collection that has revolutionized Attack on Titan

This is only a small part of the anime t-shirt collection Attack on Titan that you can find in the Uniqlo website or in their physical storessome models that show some representative scenes of the Japanese series and that we are sure will devastate their fans.