These 7 Characters from Attack on Titan are more dangerous than the Titans themselves

Following the countless wars that have erupted in the Attack on Titan world, nations have been forced to further prepare your Military Forces for all kinds of threats. Of course, the most fearsome there can be are the Titans, which are practically biological weapons that have been in the hands of Eldia and Marley for a very long time, and have shown to have an impressive capacity for mass destruction.

Yet throughout the plot you can see how human warriors perform on the battlefield and it has been concluded that there are some who can be even more dangerous than the Pure or Shifting Titans themselves. If you wonder what these characters are, then we leave you each of them and the reasons why they have become so important.

Hange Zoë

Hnge Zoe happy for an investigation

She may not appear to be a powerful warrior, but without Hange the Paradis army would not have had the ability to protect the inhabitants of the walls on several occasions. This is the only advanced scientist that exists on the island, and his great intellect has served to create new weapons and strategies with which the Exploration Corps has been able to stop changing Titans such as the Female Titan or the Armored Titan.

A Hange just has enough with analyze your enemy’s weak points to generate technological weapons that can bring it down. Therefore, it makes her one of the most intelligent and dangerous characters in this world, because with her knowledge she can possibly create massive weapons that destroy entire armies.

Armin Arlert

Attack the titans
Armin Arlert about to transform into Colossal Titan

He is possibly the least expected of this list, but although he does not demonstrate remarkable skills in combat his intelligence makes him important to the team. In fact, several of the plans that this character has materialized have been successful and the decisions that this entails have been made in a few seconds. It is practically cluster brain, and that makes him as deadly as the strongest warrior in the Scout Corps, not counting his power as a Shifting Titan.

Gabi Braun

Attack the titans
Gabi Braun in the middle of the war

Although she is only a girl, she is considered one of the most efficient Marley soldiers. His performance on the battlefield has made him one of the aspirants of the Armored Titan. However, when his fear of Eldians is unleashed, the way he acts is very problematic, especially when he has types of psychotic breakouts in difficult situations. Gabi Braun is capable of doing whatever it takes to uphold her ideals and use her exceptional abilities to achieve her goals at all costs.

Erwin Smith

Attack the titans
Erwin Smith analyzing his next move on the battlefield

Erwin is the representation of an innate leader, he is a character who has given everything for his people, but that also has consequences. When devising a plan always create more effective strategies where it considers the danger that innocent inhabitants run, so it proposes alternatives where people run less risk of death.

This warrior gives all in favor of their causesHe does not bow down to anyone and it is very difficult to convince him to change his mind, which makes him dangerous for the nation and its enemies. In addition to that, he is a character who has also stood out for his will and resistance, since despite receiving a lot of damage in combat he always continues to fight.

Kenny Ackerman

Attack the titans
Kenny Ackerman visualizing his target with his special weapon

Of all the criminals that exist in Eldia this is the most feared thanks to his actions. Better known as “Kenny the Ripper”, a mercenary with a combat prowess that can even be compared to that of his nephew Levi Ackerman. Their firearm skills are shocking, both at the time of defeat Titans as when facing humans that get in your way. Kenny Ackerman is someone ruthless, brutal, inhuman and cruel, an extremely dangerous murderer that you would never want to meet.

Mikasa Ackerman

Attack the titans
Mikasa shocked by the massacre she sees in the Attack on Titan war

From the beginning of the anime, you can see that Mikasa is different from the other members of the team, not only because she is quiet and cold, but also because of the incredible ability she has for combat. He is a practical and direct person, both his agility, speed and control with weapons they make her a deadly warrior who seldom fails on the battlefield. It is even said that his value in the army equals 100 soldiers.

Levi Ackerman

Attack the titans
Levi Ackerman facing the Titan Beast

Also know as «The strongest soldier of humanity» For many people in Paradis, of all the soldiers in the army this would be the most dangerous, even within the Ackerman lineage. He is the most capable human character for combat, as he is the only one who has managed to bring down the Beast Titan only with his 3D maneuvering equipment and swords using his “Spiral Attack” special move. Of all its characteristics, the ones that stand out the most are its speed, equipment control and efficiency, with this it can take down a large number of Titans in seconds, so it can also face a small army of humans without problems.

Perhaps the only challenge for Levi Ackerman would be to face Bearers of the Founding Titan o la Eren Jaeger’s latest transformation into Attack on Titan. However, just as there are strong humans, there are also Titans that are so powerful that they can eliminate civilizations in an instant.