These realistic versions of Ymir and Attack on Titan Story are great

Ymir and History are two of the most important characters in Attack on Titan. During several seasons we could see the growth of both, it ended up becoming one of our favorite romantic loves on television. Already Hange and Levi received their realistic versions very recently, so Today it’s up to Historia and Ymir to receive theirs. Spoiler: They are beautiful.

He’s a fan was posted by Reddit user u / YoMikeeHey, who published the image on the web without any description other than that of «Story x Ymir«. However, the creator of said illustration is user Jyundee. In the image we can see Ymir and Historia in a tender embrace. The illustration is very well done, and the expressions of both characters are the closest we’ll get to seeing a realistic version of our favorite girls. The result is a very familiar and beautiful image.

Jyundee, whose real name is Jenny, is a great illustrator with a huge following on their social networks. His work can be found at Instagram, Twitter and DeviantArt. In addition, in her profile you can find links to her Patreon page in case you want to become a great follower and financially support the creator of these spectacular illustrations. On the other hand, in their social networks you will not only find illustrations of Attack the titans, but a wide variety ranging from versioned characters of Winx Club, The Squid Game, Final Fantasy and many more.

Do not forget that Attack on Titan will premiere its final season in January 2022. There is very little left for us to see what will happen to some of our favorite characters, and they have recently been revealed. new details about what will happen in the final season from Attack the titans.