They criticize how ridiculous Call of Duty is with Attack on Titan skins

the saga Call of Duty has received different collaborations throughout its history, but none as picturesque as the one it currently has with Attack the titans. For some time now, different packages of skins and content about Shingeki no Kyojin to Vanguard, but none as talked about as the last. The Armored Titanone of the pillars of the series, landed in Vanguard and its success has been total, but how could it be otherwise, the criticism has not been long in coming.

There are many players who do not understand how, in a context as serious and realistic as the WWII, Activision ends up introducing this type of skins that completely destroy the atmosphere and setting of the game. Others criticize this business model, based on the success of titles such as Fortnite by bringing popular licenses to the game.

Armored Titans running around the battlefield, if this seems ridiculous to some, we will see what they think if the arrival of King Kong and Godzilla to war zone.

Attack on Titan in Call of Duty

Something that started as a rumor ended up becoming a reality. Few could imagine this kind of crossoverbut the premiere of what was supposed to be the last season of the popular animated series based on the manga by Hajime Isayamait was the ideal moment to put the universe of Attack the titans in some video game. In this case, the chosen one was Call of Duty and its latest installment: Vanguard.

Attack on the Titans is not unknown in the video game world, with several installments in different systems, in the absence of a new title, what better way to see memorable characters and designs from the saga in other titles. Although it seems that this is not going quite well, because people continue to not get used to seeing the Armored Titan with a rifle in hand running endlessly across the battlefield.