They design Mikasa from Attack on Titan with different hairstyles and you won’t know which one to choose

Since the manga has already ended, there are many fans of Shingeki no Kyojin who are looking forward to the conclusion of the fourth season from the titans anime. For everyone there otaku that they have seen all episodes of Isayama’s magnum opus and know how to recite by heart the story behind the origin of the titans, we bring a little fun with which to liven up the wait, coming from neither more nor less than the Reddit community itself dedicated to the discussion of everything related to this series.

How would Mikasa feel like having another hairstyle?

The Reddit user u / YoMikeeHey posted on the subreddit of r/attackontitan a post titled «Which Mikasa hairstyle do you fancy? [art by sabakani]«, Which includes an image drawn by the artist sabakani (@ whatamitoyou123 on Twitter).

Which Mikasa hairstyle do you fancy? [art by sabakani] from attackontitan

As we can see, in addition to drawing a Mikasa practically the same as the one that appears in Shingeki no Kyojin, the artist has been able to modify its appearance by applying, for this, all kinds of hairstyles (many of which we have already seen from other characters in the series). The list of hairstyles that appear in the image, translated into Spanish, would be:

  • Original
  • Combed back
  • Long hair
  • side collection
  • wavy hair
  • Cut
  • Collect
  • of collections

The skill of the community of artists who roam the internet and they bother to upload content to the different platforms available will never cease to amaze us, generating all kinds of fanarts willing to delight those most devoted to Shingeki no Kyojin, who will be happy to discuss them, share them on social networks and even use them as desktop background for your computer or mobile phone. We hope that the hype what’s behind this series last much longer, so that we can see more drawings as well elaborated as the one we have shown you in this article.