They explain why Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga changed animation studios despite being global successes

At WIT Studio they had to make a series of decisions that are surely the most decisive in their career

Attack the titans” Y “Vinland Saga” are surely one of the biggest anime hits that at the same time present a more ‘adult’ story, so to speak. Also, both began their career on television in the same way: with WIT Studio in charge of some first adaptations that they rocked it in style. At this point, it seems that WIT Studio is really reluctant to work on sequels, that is, to commit to the same project in the long term. But turns out that’s not true.

That WIT Studio abandoned Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga has an explanation that you may not have expected

It was in a recent interview with George Wada, president of both Production IG as WIT Studiothat the following details have been confirmed about why both “Attack on Titan” and “Vinland Saga” disappeared from the studio’s catalog of projects (via ANN Y AnimeHunch):

  • Mr. Wada explains that years ago anime sequels were only given the green light once the physical sales results of a season came in in question. That is to say, even though it was known that both Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga were going to be huge hits, it wasn’t until the figures for DVD sales were in hand that they said ‘yes’ to more anime ❗.
  • What then happened to these animes? so what by the time the DVD sales figures came in, WIT Studio had already committed to other projects. With anime fans wanting sequels to these blockbusters to arrive as quickly as possible, Wada was unable to find time on the schedule for WIT Studio to continue to handle the anime. That is why he assumes the blame, since he assures that then he did not have sufficient administrative capacity to manage all this. ❌
  • Today, Mr. Wada claims that aligning projects is much easier, since they no longer depend on DVD sales but on viewers of streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll or Netflix. Although he believes that he made the right decision at the time with Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga, he also thinks that from now on they will be able to commit to longer-term projects. ✔️

I believe that the greatest example of this that Mr. Wada comments can be seen in “Ranking of Kings“, surely the biggest recent success of WIT Studio. So much so, that despite the fact that there is not enough manga to create a season 2, in the coming months a spin-off will be released that will return us to the world of Bojji and Kage. With this in mind, if you’re seeing things you like about WIT Studio, now it does seem feasible for the studio to stay ahead of it.