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Attack on Titan Finale Season Part 2 continues to surprise us every Sunday and there is very little left for the anime to reach its conclusion. Due to this, some words from the anime director have just been released, who stated that the creator of the manga was very close to all the work done.

The series is rapidly approaching its grand finale and it was its director, Yuichiro Hayashi, who shared some information about the differences in the work of the first part of the final season with what has been done in the last chapters, this due to to that now the creator of Attack on Titan (Hajime Isayama) was present at all times.

There is very little left to know how Eren’s story ends

According to Hayashi’s recent statements, during the first half of the fourth season, Isayama kept working on the end of the manga, so he was really busy. However, with that finished, he had all the time to collaborate and supervise what was done in part 2.

“He checked the storyboards every time and the comments were… During Part 1, (Isayama) was working on the ending (of the manga), so it seemed like he was very busy. But now everything is finished. His comments used to be on an A4 size sheet, but now it’s about 2 sheets and he’s taking a closer look at things. There are a lot of suggestions for improvement like, ‘I want you to fix this part,’ but also a lot of ‘Oh, this is great,’ which which makes me very happy,” said Hayashi.

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Finally, the anime director also talked about some requests Isayama made to him about adding some cameos that surprised fans, as well as other points that will be seen in the next episodes.

We remind you that the final chapter of Attack on Titan It will air worldwide on April 3.

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