This Attack on Titan manga weighs more than 13 kilos and costs almost 1200 euros

Attack the titans has been one of the animes with more relevance in recent times, and despite the fact that its end is very close, it continues to attract the attention of new viewers around the world.

But this is not all, since this popular anime has left a legacy in humanity and this is because it has obtained a Guinness record thanks to biggest comic ever published.

If you want to know a little more about this great feat, do not detach from your screen and continue reading all about the Attack on Titan manga that weighs more than 13 kilos and whose value exceeds the limits.

This manga is what your collection of Attack on Titan is missing

The editorial Kodansha Comics specialized in sleeve distribution has taken on the task of making the biggest manga so far of Attack the titans, and something that has become clear in this project is that the manga is really great, being somewhat allegorical to the anime since it is about “Titans.”

The Attack on Titan manga is truly great

In the anime you will appreciate the first and second installment of it, made up of some 96 pages, 1 meter high and a weight that exceeds 13 kilos. The most surprising thing is the price, since it is valued at 165,000 yen or 1,200 euros. However, it is a priceless piece for collectors, since the giant manga is equivalent to about 6 or 7 traditional sleeves.

attack on titan breaks Guinness record
At least 100 copies were sold in a matter of minutes

The publisher has only created 100 copies, which were sold in his store Kodansha online store. The bad news is that all the copies were bought in a short time (minutes).

And of course, thanks to the sale they were able to obtain the Guinness Record for Greatest Manga, surpassing the Brazilian comic Turma da Mónica. If you liked this article, do not hesitate to take a look at the reasons why Eren Jaeger can control the Titans.