This fan art of Mikasa from Attack on Titan is perfect as a wallpaper for your mobile

To celebrate the end of the series we leave you with this incredible fan art.

With the last season of Shingeki no Kyojin in broadcast they do not stop seeing the light of different fan arts, images and even cosplays to celebrate the final of one of the most successful series in the world of anime and manga. If you are fans of this animated series and you can’t wait any longer for the next chapter, we leave you with a new fan art of one of the main characters, Mikasa, the faithful friend of They were Y Armin.

This work made digitally has been created by the user @Levi_Dang who has not hesitated to show his art through the platform Reddit. The format where we see a Mikasa Together with her inseparable scarf that her friend Eren gave her when they were little, she invites us to be the perfect wallpaper for our mobiles. We leave you with the post below so you can see it and encourage you to follow and support the artist who has created this work of art.

Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyokjin) is one of the best-known anime and manga franchises on the current scene. Written and Illustrated by Hajime Isayama has become a phenomenon in the world, on January 9 his final season, which will give the final closure. The story takes place in a world where humanity is on the verge of extinction thanks to the presence of giant creatures called titans. Humanity takes refuge within three great walls, isolated in a small portion of land since leaving these walls means death.

In all this context our protagonist is born, Eren Jeager, who joins the army that fights against these beasts to restore peace to humanity and achieve the long-awaited Liberty, all this together with his inseparable friends, Mikasa Y Armin. Are you excited about this series finale? Will it be faithful to the original work? We will know very soon.

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