This femme cosplay from Attack on Titan will make you fall in love with Eren Jaeger – Senpai

A makeup artist and fan of Attack on Titan has created a simple but excellent women cosplay the Eren Jaeger that shows us what the protagonist of Hajime Isayama’s work would be like if he had been a girl.

It cannot be denied that although he is a little crazy, Eren Jaeger is quite the heartthrob of a novel, specifically speaking about his design during the Final Season with which he has acquired the title of husbando, thus conquering the hearts of hundreds of fans around the world.

Although it is true, the genderbend version of the protagonist of Shingeki no Kyojin created by artist @blackmilow (via Instagram), shows us that the user of the Attack Titan would also be a beautiful waifu if it had been designed as a girl. Take a look at the cool cosplay anime below.

Foto: Instagram – @blackmilow

As you can see, the cosplayer totally recreates Eren’s style, managing to preserve the essence of the character very well in the fourth season of the anime. His style is basically characterized by the hair tied up with a bun, which was pimped by Hange in Part 1, as well as the marks under his eyes caused by the connection between his human body and his titan.

The cosplay anime itself is quite simple, although of course there is a makeup job that is not so easy to do that we must give credit to. Be it one thing or another, this girl undoubtedly knew how to give us the feminine and definitive version of the young Jaeger, who could well resemble Sasha Blouse a little, only this one had brown eyes.

What did you think of this femme cosplay the Eren Jaeger?


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