This is how Carlos Ballarta’s voice sounds as Grisha Jaeger for the dubbing of Attack on Titan – Senpai

Attack on Titan has been on everyone’s lips lately because of the Part 2 from Final season which has certainly been quite surprising, though perhaps not as surprising as the news that Carlos Ballarta, the famous Mexican comedian, will be giving voice to Grisha Jaeger for the dubbing of the anime.

We already know that we Latinos love dubbing and even more so when it comes to anime. It is for this reason and for the enormous success that the Titans series has had that the complete series has been doubling for some time now.

and among various voice actors that have been added to the cast, comes directly from the standup’s official Twitter account that, without being a joke or joke, he will be the one to voice Eren and Zeke’s dad in the (dubbed) episodes to come. Best of all, you can now listen to him playing his part:

As you can see, there are fragments of various chapters of the Final Season when we get to know the life of Eren’s father in much greater depth.

But focusing on the dubbing of the comedian, we must recognize that he does not do anything bad, and although we are used to hearing him tell jokes and lie to mothers, manages to make a great modulation with his voice to provide the seriousness that Grisha’s voice requires. Although of course with this we cannot avoid imagining the good Carlos Ballarta doing a Stand-Up from Attack on Titan, which would certainly be pretty cool.

Remember finally that if you want to start seeing Attack on Titan dubbed into spanish, you can do it via BitMe screen since it will arrive next February.

What do you think about Carlos Ballarta being the voice of Grisha Jaeger for the dubbing of Attack on Titan?


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