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When it comes to illustrations, cosplay, tributes or crossovers within the world of manga and anime, Itachi Uchiha is usually one of the favorites of the fans, who with the shinobi renegade let their imagination and talent soar with all kinds of recreations of the character of Naruto, as the following work that presents it with different styles of animation such as those of Attack on Titan and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Through his Instagram account, the artist known as @ animesketchart2020 shared an illustration where we can see the murderer of the Uchiha clan with 9 different animation styles, among which are some very popular such as those mentioned.

As we can see below, thanks to the extraordinary work of this artist, it is now possible to imagine Itachi as a character from other series, Well, he might as well leave jutsus and genjutsus behind to become a pirate adventurer of One Piece, a talented volleyball player in Haikyu! o un shingami de Bleach.

Image: @ animesketchart2020 / Instagram

The result is undoubtedly amazing, because we can also see the Uchiha as a character from Studio Ghibli or as the protagonist of Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure. As if that weren’t enough, the artist also dared to make his own version of Itachi, giving the Konoha shinobi an even darker look.

The truth is that regardless of the animation style he has, it gives the impression that Itachi would be a quite powerful and feared character in any of the universes, being a rival worthy of respect for any hero. On the other hand, this kind of work continues to confirm the enormous popularity that Uchiha still has among the community of manga and anime followers, despite all the years that have passed since the end of Naruto shippuden, where he had his last appearance.

What did you think of this fanart Itachi Uchiha with the animation style of Attack on Titan and Kimetsu no Yaiba?

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