This is the weirdest Attack on Titan merchandise we’ve ever seen

You will agree with us that anime series they have more and more followers around the world. You just have to see the interest that Netflix has in launching more adaptations on its platform after the success of Attack the titans. The series created by Hajime Isayama has become an unprecedented phenomenon in Japanese animation. And this has served him to make himself known in the West and release the weirdest merchandise that you can imagine.

Attack on Titan has announced a new collaboration with Hydro AG, a cleaning products company in Japan. But is it really related to the series? Yes, this has a curious explanation. During the broadcast of the episodes, a scene from Levi cleaning went viral instantly and became a recurring meme. Now that meme is real because the official ad carries an image of Levi cleaning with the products of this brand.

Levi’s cleaning meme comes true

Although Levi is the main protagonist of this collaboration, the truth is that the other characters are also present. Each bottle of Hydro AG has a sprayer to spread the product and on the side are some of the protagonists such as Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman or Armin Arlert. As strange as it may sound, fans of the series are sure to buy these bottles to clean your house as would good old Levi.

Why does Levi have this obsession with cleanliness? The Captain of the Exploration Corps has led a difficult youth in an underground city with unsanitary conditions. He has been revealed as a very perfectionist character with an insane obsession with order and cleanliness. Hange Zoe herself calls it like this: “clean freak”. But the truth is that Levi could suffer from a type of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)as he smiles when he sees a new cleaning product.

To be honest, this is not the first time an anime series has launched strange products of merchandising that do not have much relation. In that One Piece or Dragon Ball has a lot of advantage. Otaku fans look for any merchandising of your favorite series, since years ago it was really difficult to find official products. Some of them don’t even make it to the West, so they become collectibles for anyone as could happen with these cleaning products.