This Sasha Blouse cosplay proves to have the same tastes as the waifu from Attack on Titan

Despite her untimely death in the final season, Sasha Blouse returned for a few moments. Attack on Titan within the memories of his family, and curiously an interpretation of the character made by PokeTail cosplay (Instagram) has the same hobbies as the waifu of the Dauper Forest.

Sasha grew up in a family of hunters in the forests of the Dauper Zone and that is why from a very young age she showed great skill with the bow. This quality is what she decided to highlight the cosplayer Dutch a few years ago and curiously it appears in same position that Sasha presented during episode 81 of Attack on Titan… at least as part of his adoptive sister Kaya’s memories (“wow, it’s starting to rain” :c).

Photo: PokeTail Cosplay (Instagram)

Sasha’s casual attire consists of a simple, long-sleeved blouse with a skirt that reaches below her knees. On certain occasions we also saw our “Potato Girl” wearing a brown vest over it; yes, always with his characteristic hairstyle with a ponytail.

You should know that Poketail not only shares Sasha’s bow prowessbecause horse riding is also among his hobbies, and he has not hesitated to combine both tastes in a photo session with his steed, companions of the Reconnaissance Legion who played a key role in the expeditions within the Paradis Island.

Photo: PokeTail Cosplay (Instagram)

The anime of Attack on Titan will tell the end of his story with a third part of the final season, leaving until now a total of 87 episodes distributed in four seasons. This season will return to television screens and platforms at some point in the next year 2023.


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