This Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay uncovers Eren’s dark side with enormous success


This Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay has successfully replicated Eren’s dark side.

Now that the second part of the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin has come to an end leaving us some of the most impressive moments in the entire history of the sagasuch as the conversation between Mikasa and Eren, as well as the starting of the rumbleby the protagonist.

Nevertheless, lovers of the work will have to wait a few monthsas MAP has announced the issuance of the third part of this story for 2023where we can finally see the conclusion of this adventure of the boys from Paradise Island.

In this season, the eyes of the world, both in the anime and in real life, are on the protagonist and his plan to end the world’s hatred of his people. Eren has shown to be a determined main character full of love for his friends, so he is willing to do anything for them. One way that some lovers of the work have to demonstrate their passion is to make wonderful cosplay, like the one that the Twitter user has made sammycosplay.

Eren’s cosplay that lets us see the darkness of the character

The user sammycosplay has surprised us with a successful Eren cosplay

On Twitter, the user sammycosplay, known for cosplaying various anime characterssuch as the franchise jujutsu kaisenamong others, has surprised us with a very successful Eren Jaeger cosplaywhich correctly reveals the darkness of the young man.

The Eren that we have seen in this last season has been brought to life through the cosplay of sammycosplay accurately. In this, we can see that he has long hair and other characteristic features of Eren today.

But this is not all, since sammycosplay has shared several images of his cosplay of the protagonist, so it was also to be expected a photo cosplaying the Attack Titanwhich has allowed Eren to carry out much of his master plan.

This Eren Titan cosplay made by sammycosplay it’s frightening, so it would surely make all the character’s enemies tremble with fear just by seeing it. A very successful cosplay and worth knowing.

What happened in the second part of the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin?

Eren is determined to eliminate the hatred the world feels for its people.

Eren is determined to eliminate the hatred the world feels for its people.

In this second part animated by MAP, we have seen our protagonists embark on a journey of no returnin which they no longer face the monstrous titansbut to other humans. At this point several factions have been created, since we have the inhabitants of Marley who want to finish off the people of Ymir, we also have those from Paradise Island, and lastly, the Jaegers.

These last support Eren in his plan to eradicate their hatred of Paradise Island from the ground up and, the only solution that the protagonist found, was to sacrifice the world and his life so that his friends live in peace and harmony.

Eren, without a doubt, has proven to be the same boy we met at the beginning of the work, since he is very sentimental and keeps many emotions towards his friends. Therefore, he is capable of anything when fighting for them, regardless of the cost of his decisions.

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