Top 10 Attack on Titans Characters

After the episode we had last weekend and as we know that the series is at its climax, we have considered that it is necessary to make a top of the characters of this great anime.

10. Zeke Yeager.

This character was an antagonist for much of the series, however, his intelligence and charisma have earned him a place in the hearts of readers and viewers. Another point in favor is the positive evolution of the character as the series progressed and the truth was discovered.

9. Sasha Braus

Sasha was the comic relief of the series for a long time. However, no one would have thought that the girl who presented herself as the potato girl could make fans fall in love in this way. Through her actions, dedicated to protecting the lives of the weakest and her big heart (together with her past and the constant evolution of her character) Sasha is a worthy candidate for the top who deserves a place at.

attack on titan editor y autor revelan que sasha braus iba a morir mucho antes en la serie

8.Jean Kirschtein

At first, this character was a toothache, she was always bothering the protagonist (it was a feeling shared with the manga readers). However, as the seasons went by, Jean proved to be a person to trust and little by little. Little did we discover that under that facade hides a born leader and a great warrior.


7.Hanji Zoe

Known as the crazy one of the titans, Hanji has had one of the most tragic stories in anime, as she not only saw her commander die, but each of the companions that made up her team and those people she once loved.

This is reflected in the personality of said character, because as the plot progressed, Hanji changed his jovial and cheerful expression to a more somber one. She is also noted for her intelligence and conflict resolution, which led her to become the squad commander.


6. Armin Arlert

This character could be defined with a single word “decisive”.

Armin is one of those who shows the most intelligence throughout the plot, finding solutions to impossible situations. The difference with the rest of the characters that are also defined as “intelligent” is that despite being afraid, Armin would do whatever was necessary for his friends, even if it meant his death.


5.Mikasa Ackerman

One of the strongest characters in the series, Mikasa wins the 5th position in the top. Due to the memorable fights of this character we can argue that if she is not the strongest of her it is because there is a “monster” that is above her. Even so, Mikasa manages to make fans fall in love, not only because of her strength, nor because of her story, but also because of the blind faith that she has towards Eren the protagonist.

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4.Reiner Braun

A complex character like few others, forced to betray his own to protect your country.

In the early stages of the series, Reiner proved to be responsible for everything that happened and therefore the villain of the plot. And even fulfilling the objective that was assigned by his general, Reiner could not sleep with a clear conscience after betraying and killing what had once been his “friends”.


3. Levi Ackerman

We enter the top 3 with the strongest character in the seriescapable of annihilating 100 titans without breaking a sweat, Levi Ackerman

His charisma, his story and his memorable action/fight scenes have given him the third position in this top, capable of killing his subordinates without flinching and destroying everything in his path to achieve his goal Levi, will be the Captain of the Reconnaissance Legion.


2.Erwin Smith

Armin has previously been talked about as the most decisive character, but what is resolution without conviction? That is the difference between Erwin and Armin.

Erwin is a decisive, charismatic and complex character. His curiosity and his effectiveness in commanding the reconnaissance legion earned him the title of commander. Thanks to him, I can get to Eren’s basement that hid the truth and all the secrets of the world, for which his father gave his life. However, he never got to see him in life.

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1.Eren Jaeger

First place goes to Eren Jaeger The protagonist of the story.

Eren, capable of being the hero of the story and the villain of it. He is the perfect protagonist for the story, because like this one, Eren is a character with many shades and gray.

That boy who saw how his mother died, that teenager who saw how all his people died by the titans and that man who obtained the necessary power to destroy all his enemies, in order to protect his friends, getting lost along the way .

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