Universal Studios’ Attack On Titan Attraction Is Dreaming: Watch

You know you’ve made it as an anime franchise not only when you have a series that spans multiple seasons and has been the talk of the town within the anime community for years , but when you get your own section of an amusement park dedicated to your story. Such is the case with The attack of the Titans which currently has an attraction, as well as several venues dedicated to the dark anime franchise within Universal Studios Japan, and a new fan-shot video gives Western fans a taste of this unique venue.

Universal Studios Japan is not only known for its dedication to The attack of the Titans, with the theme park featuring a ride that puts fans in the shoes of the Scout Regiment as well as unique merchandise and even a restaurant dedicated to the Survey Corps, it has also created attractions for other players in the anime world. . With people like One Piece, case closed, Sailor Moonand other series receiving rides as part of this Universal Studios East park, the theme park also gave fans an amazing crossover with Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion cross with Shin Godzilla in a round that pits Nerv’s Eva pilots against the most terrifying version of the King of the Monsters yet.

Reddit user Kenji4861 shared this video which sees them walking around Universal Studios Japan, showing off life-size statues, unique merchandise and several other exclusives for The attack of the Titans that can only be found at the theme park which takes the opportunity to focus on the anime:

Visiting the Shingeki no Kyojin attraction in Japan from
Shingeki No Kyojin

Universal Studios Japan isn’t the only theme park with an anime focus, with Studio Ghibli set to open its own theme park later this year, bringing locations from some of its biggest films to life. , including Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and more.

While the The attack of the Titans section of Universal Studios Japan’s park has yet to make its way to North America, the company recently announced that “Super Mario World” will be jumping across the sea to reach the West, leaving open the possibility that we may one day see this section focused on the scouts who followed our path.

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