‘Vampire in the Garden’: trailer and release date of the new Netflix anime with the ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ studio

During Anime Japan, Netflix gave us several surprises with what is yet to come to the streaming platform. It is being a week of new announcements and we finally know when it will be released ‘Vampire in the Garden’one of the projects that had been anticipated for a couple of years.

A very promising collaboration with a study of ten

Throughout 2022, new original series and movies will arrive on the streaming platform, and specifically ‘Vampire in the Garden’ lands on Netflix next May 16.

This original anime series is developed by Wit Studiothe animation studio responsible for the first three seasons of ‘Attack the titans‘ (‘Shingeki no Kyojin’) and the wonderful surprise that has been ‘Ranking of Kings‘ (‘Ōsama Ranking‘), so we can expect a very good quality in terms of animation if the studio lives up to its usual work.

Vampire In The Garden

The anime series It shows us a world where the few human survivors that remain are on the warpath with the vampires, quite ferocious and bloodthirsty creatures. Even so, it seems that ‘Vampire in the Garden’ is not going to focus so much on this open war, but rather on the relationship between two girls who belong to opposite sides. After meeting by chance Momo and Fineboth begin to forge a friendship against all odds through music, and soon decide to leave the war behind and seek a better place to live.

“It is the story of a young woman and a vampire who embark on a journey to find paradise,” says the official synopsis. “In a divided world in the future, two girls want to do something forbidden: the human wants to play the violin and the vampire wants to see the whole world.”

In addition to revealing the premiere date and full trailer, Netflix has also revealed an official poster for its new original anime series featuring the two leads.

‘Vampire in the Garden’ features Ryoutaro Makihara (‘The Empire of Corpses’) as director alongside Hiroyuki Tanaka (‘Claymore’). Character designs are by Testuya Nishio (‘Boruto-Naruto The Movie’), who is also the animation director, and Shinichiro Yoshihara (‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’) is the art director.