Vanguard Attack on Titan CoD Bundle Is Secretly Paid – GameSpot

Call of Duty: Vanguard has released the ultimate crossover skin pack with Attack on Titan, but players are finding it to be chargeable.

Vanguard players received the first Attack on Titan pack on January 20. There are rumors that a second AoT pack will hit stores during Season 2.

However, fans had mixed feelings about the currently released one, which brought a Levi operator, blueprints, emblems, and a knockout.

Players discover that the execution actually allows players to transform into Neo from The Matrix and dodge bullets.

Vanguard players claim the Attack on Titan bundle is paid

While players enjoy running around Vanguard in a fan-favorite anime character, others are frustrated with his hidden ability.

Using attack on Titan Finisher to dodge bullets is pretty cool from CODVanguard

In a Reddit post from ‘Dreamweaver_duh’, a clip has players baffled by the AoT finishing move as it actually allows the player to escape a near-death experience.

You can see in the clip that the character model assassinates the enemy. As soon as they start the animation, it ends up pulling them behind the door and the bullets that should hit go through.

Although the player eventually died, this gave him enough time to complete the run. That wouldn’t be the case with the default finisher that’s in the game. This one only lets you crawl from behind and take them out without jumping like an anime character.


The Attack on Titan Pack brings a fighting spirit to Vanguard and Warzone.

A Redditor thought that was actually a good representation of the show saying, “Anime powers.” Another person added, “I’m not going to lie, I looked really badass.”

While going for a finisher might not be ideal in every situation, it’s proven to have a bit more power and could even be used in CoD’s battle royale, Warzone.