Vanguard: Crossover with SnK comes to fruition

A few days ago, we announced that Call of Duty: Vanguard had to face his first leaks with a potential crossover with Attack on Titan. Although such a featuring may seem surprising, these leaks from Nanikos and ZestyCODLeaks on Twitter highlighted several lines of codes found in the game files with unambiguous names.

We could then read data concerning the operators with “ aot_titan “, Or even weapon names with the description” aot_swords ; s4_me_swordtitan ».

Vanguard x SnK soon formalized?

Today, the rumors seem, to the delight of fans, to be confirmed little by little since new information has come to reveal this time not the operators but the weapons. On Twitter, the Nanikos leaker once again brought to light some information with for once a meaningful image: steel blades from Attack on Titan, otherwise called Chō Kōshitsu Suchīru.

With this illustration, we can easily imagine that these steel blades will be melee weapons. However, a question arises: will we have to challenge ourselves to hope to obtain them for free or will we have to put our hand in the wallet to benefit from them?

At any rate, at the moment nothing has been formalized yet, whether from Sledgehammer Games or d‘Activision. However, we can hope that such a crossover between these two worlds will take place since the Battle Royale Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have already hosted several known heads like Rambo, Ghost Face, or Donnie Darko.

A very controversial subject, SBMM is one of the main causes of discord between players and developers. Present in Call of Duty: Vanguard, it seems that the studio has decided to make some changes to the latter.